Thorntons Easter Bramble Bunny

Whilst in WH Smith recently, I saw this Thorntons Bramble Bunny next to the magazines and bought it on impulse, as you do. It's really nothing too special or amazing, contains coconut oil in the chocolate filling. I have to commend Thorntons for that, because coconut oil is far healthier than the vegetable fat companies usually use in products like this, so I felt a bit more comfortable eating it.

Aesthetically, he's a smiley, cute little bunny and probably better looking than a lot of chocolate bunnies I've seen in shops this year. How can you not smile when looking at him? Such a shame he was about to get eaten...

Taste-wise, the Bramble Bunny was very pleasant: creamy, chocolatey, and just about what you would expect really. Thorntons chocolate has a "comforting" kind of taste, I would say, and the creamy chocolate filling just added to that feeling.

Overall, this Thorntons Bramble Bunny is a delicious and creamy Easter treat. I would imagine it's a step up in quality from Cadbury and Nestle's Easter offerings and would recommend it as a good-quality alternative to most similarly-priced Easter snacks, except perhaps the Malteaster Bunny which is King of Easter Bunnies!

Price: 79p at WH Smith, 60p at Asda.
Description: Milk chocolate with smooth chocolate filling.
Nutritional facts: Contains coconut oil and butteroil, as well as milk, and no gluten-containing ingredients.


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