Sunday, 18 March 2018

Haagen Dazs Speculoos Sticks & Maltesers Ice Creams

haagen dazs speculoos white chocolate caramel biscuit cream

Looks like I'm going to have to do yet another Spotted In Shops...Tesco have only gone and brought a whole raft of cool new products to their stores recently! Without further ado lets crack on and take a I'm going to focus just on the ice creams, which is fitting for this cold spell we're having!

First up - Haagen Dazs Speculoos "Caramel Biscuit & Cream" White Chocolate Ice Cream sticks! Now I've tried a few varieties of Haagen Dazs sticks already from Mango & Raspberry to Salted Caramel, but this one sounds like possibly the best yet! Available at Tesco.

Maltesers Ice Cream Tub:
maltesers ice cream tub

Maltesers are in everything these days, from cookies, to spreads and hot chcoolate, so it's no surprise to find them in ice cream too. Rejoice, Malt lovers! Available at Tesco.

Maltesers Ice Cream Sticks:
maltesers ice cream sticks

There's also these sticks, which I am sure aren't really new but have possibly been revamped. Anyone know? Available at Tesco.

Smarties Fun Sticks:
Smarties Fun Sticks

Nestle brought out Smarties Ice Cream Tubs last year but this year it's the turn of sticks. And these Ice Creams containing mini Smarties with a chocolate top sure do look fun! Available at Tesco.

Haagen Dazs Coconut Collection:
Haagen Dazs Coconut Collection

Not content with all their other new ice creams, Haagen Dazs have also brought out this new Coconut Collection, featuring mini tubs of various flavours paired with coconut. This sounds heavenly! Available at Tesco.

Haagen Dazs Caramel Collection:
haagen dazs caramel collection

Not really "new" but I'm including this selection because it sounds so yummy! Contains mini tubs of Haagen Dazs' ice creams featuring caramel, including the Speculoos tub! Available at Tesco.

Haagen Dazs Chocolate Collection:
Haagen Dazs Chocolate Collection

Also not strictly new, but this collection sounds pretty tasty too! One for the chocolate ice cream lovers, including an almond and chocolate variety that isn't available in larger tubs.

Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel:
halo top sea salt caramel

Halo Top are low fat and calorie ice creams with a lower sugar content, containing the sweetener stevia. They seem to be super popular amongst the health conscious, and luckily at the moment they're on special offer for £3.50 at Tesco!

Breyers High Protein Vanilla Caramel Ice Cream Bars:
Breyers High Protein Vanilla Caramel Ice Cream Bars

Also one for the health conscious are these low sugar, high protein Breyers Ice Cream Bars. Available from Tesco.

Swedish Glace Soft Caramel Toffee Cones:
Swedish Glace Soft Caramel Toffee Cones

A vegan, dairy free and gluten free ice cream cone from Swedish Glace - hurrah! These sound lovely. Available at Tesco.

Swedish Glace Smooth Vanilla with Strawberry Sauce Cones:
Swedish Glace Smooth Vanilla with Strawberry Sauce Cones

Also in this fruity variety, available from Tesco.

Peppa Pig Ice Lollies:
peppa pig ice lollies

A new one for the kiddies...or big kids! Available at Tesco.

Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lollies:
Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lollies

Another one for the kiddies, these Paw Patrol lollies come in a funky paw shape in chocolate and vanilla flavour. Available at Tesco.

Walls Mini Calippo Combo Lollies:
Mini Calippo Combo Lollies

Made with a mix of fruit juice and milk (which sounds wrong to me!) there's these new Calippo Combo lollies in Strawberry & Vanilla. Available at Tesco.

Tesco Bubblegum Lollies:
Tesco Bubblegum Lollies

Catching up with Iceland, Tesco are now doing their own bubblegum flavour ice lollies.

Tesco Milk Bottle Lollies:
Tesco Milk Bottle Lollies

Plus these cola and strawberry flavour lollies dipped in a milky ice coating.

Tesco Finest Creamy Coconut Lollies:

There's also these vegan and dairy free coconut lollies, made with coconut water and coconut milk. Refreshing!

Ms Mollys Fizzy Pop Ice Lollies:

I don't know who "Ms Molly" is, but she's exclusive to Tesco apparently! (that sounds so wrong) These come in cherryade, lemonade and cola flavours.

Tesco Finest Lime and Mint with Jamaican Rum:

A unique Caribbean themed ice cream from Tesco here, this sounds rather nice indeed!

Tesco Finest White Chocolate & Mint Ice Cream:

Featuring belgian white chocolate and dark chocolate mint flavour pieces, this sounds delightful.

Tesco Finest Strawberry, Raspberry & Rhubarb Ice Cream:

One for fans of fruitier ice creams, this sounds like a nice mixture of tart and creamy flavours.

Tesco Finest Salted Caramel & Butterscotch Ice Cream:

With sea salted caramel ripple sauce and butterscotch pieces, this sounds like a real treat.

Tesco Finest Dark Chocolate Ice Cream:

One for fans of richer ice cream, this dark chocolate tub aso contains milk chocolate truffle pieces.

Tesco Finest Caffe Latte & Cinnamon Biscuit Ice Cream:

Last but not least, a caffeine infused ice cream with Colombian coffee and cinnamon biscuit (aka Speculoos!) Yum!

That's all for today's Spotted In Shops - all of these products are new in at Tesco, and if you can't find them locally I would suggest ordering online! As always, if you've tried any of these do let me know in the comments!

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Ben & Jerry's Moophphoria Light Ice Creams, M&Ms Peanut Ice Cream (UK)

ben and jerrys moophoria chocolate cookie dough

A Spotted In Shops today focused on ice creams - as well as all the new Haagen Dazs varieties launched recently, Ben & Jerry's are moving into "light" ice creams, perhaps to compete with the likes of Halo Top (which is curently on offer for £3.50 at Tesco!)

The're doing a Chocolate Cookie Dough tub, with "chocolate ice cream and chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough", containing 132 calories per 100ml.

ben and jerrys moophoria caramel cookie fix

Plus Caramel Cookie Fix which consists of "vanilla ice cream with salted caramel swirl and shortbread cookies" and contains 128 calories per 100ml. The ingredients contain no sugar alcohols or sugar substitutes. Both available at Sainsbury's.

carte dor organic colombian coffee

Sainsbury's are also selling some new Organic varieties of Carte D'or Ice Cream, including the lovely sounding Roasted Colombian Coffee above. Also available in Chocolate & Vanilla.

carte dor les supremes pavlova

Also new from Carte D'or are these Les Supremes Inspiration desserts, with a Pavlova variety...

carte dor parfait au chocolat

As well as Parfait Au Chocolat, Tiramisu, and Lemon. Available at Sainsbury's and Tesco. 
m&ms peanut ice cream stick

Last but not least, Mars have launched an M&M's Peanut Ice Cream stick into convenience stores! I haven't seen these anywhere yet so do let me know if you spot one!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more Spotted In Shops! If you've tried any of these new ice creams and desserts do let me know your thoughts in the comments...

Friday, 16 March 2018

Holdsworth Fiery Stem Ginger Dark Chocolates

Holdsworths Chocolates Fiery Dark Chocolate Gingers

A huge thankyou to the lovely Holdsworths Chocolates for today's review; they kindly sent me some of their delicious handmade chocolate range recently including milk and dark varieties. I thought I'd start with the "Fiery Stem Ginger enrobed in Dark Chocolate" first since I'd been avoiding dairy for a while - these contain no dairy and are suitable for vegans. Described as "The finest crystallised stem ginger enrobed in dark chocolate - a spicy exotic treat coupled with the secret powers of ginger", they are available direct from Holdsworths website or from department stores like John Lewis. I believe Waitrose also stock some of their range.

So what sets these apart from other chocolate gingers? Are they worth going out of your way for?

Holdsworths Chocolates Fiery Dark Chocolate Gingers

Firstly I have to say I do love the pack design, it looks premium and makes the chocolates feel extra special indeed. These would definitely make a lovely gift, whether for a loved one or all to yourself! The gingers are wrapped in a plastic inner bag, which I carefully opened.

Holdsworths Chocolates Fiery Dark Chocolate Gingers

Right away I could tell these were better quality than your average chocolate gingers; the chocolate actually smells like a good quality dark chocolate. I cut one of them open (above) so you get an idea of the ratio of chocolate to ginger.

Taking a bite, I was actually surprised how good these tasted! I usually think of chocolate gingers as an overly sweet snack only suitable at Christmastime, but these proved me very wrong, the ginger tastes warm and spicy but isn't overly sugary like most. It's just sweet enough to be moreish, and paired with the flavoursome dark chocolate it's the perfect balance. A few of these make for a very satisfying and indulgent little snack! And they're warming on a cold, wet day (which we've been having a lot of lately it seems), so you can eat them "for medicinal purposes" if you need an excuse to indluge ;)

As my introduction to Holdsworths Chocolates I have to say I was very impressed with these. The quality is excellent and they taste superb. Are they worth the extra money compared to cheaper brands? Yes, definitely! They're also worth going out of your way for - not only are you supporting a smaller local business, but you will get more enjoyment from these than a cheaper version. Highly recommended especially if you're dairy-free or vegan and need some chocolate variation!

Available from, as well as John Lewis.

Ingredients: Dark chocolate 55% (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier soya lecithin, natural vanilla), Ginger 45% (sugar, preservative sulphur dioxide). Cocoa solids 60% minimum. 

8.5 out of 10.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Plamil So Free Organic White Chocolate Alternative

so free vegan chocolate

A mahoosive thankyou to Plamil Foods, who recently sent me a box of their Dairy Free, Organic, Gluten Free and Vegan-friendly chocolate range to review recently! It was like a gift from the Gods considering I had been avoiding the dairy-filled chocolates recently.

It's tricky finding decent dairy free alternatives in shops; there's the trusty dark chocolates from Lindt and G&B of course but sometimes you want something a bit more mellow. Thankfully Plamil have catered for all with their range - from White Chocolate to Milk Chocolate alternatives, to the more darker end of the cocoa spectrum. I thought I'd start with the White Chocolate Alternative first, since it's one of the most difficult products to find a Dairy Free version of.

so free vegan white chocolate

Billed as Organic and containing 48% cocoa this sounded rather special indeed - it consists of a blend of cocoa butter, sugar and rice in place of milk.

plamil so free white chocolate

Do forgive the broken appearance of the bar, I think in my excitement I may have dropped it - it didn't arrive that way, it was well wrapped in the post! The slab has a wavy pattern on it as well as the Plamil logo and another logo near the bottom of the bar, which appears to be birds?

plamil so free dairy free white chocolate

I broke off a piece and took a bite. Mmmm, very melt in the mouth! Certainly different to the white chocolate anyone might be used to - the taste is more focused on the cocoa butter and melt in the mouth texture rather than the overly sweet milkiness you get with "dairy" white chocolates. It took some getting used to, especially since I haven't really tried anything like this before (with the exception of the fab Solkiki Toasted Coconut White which I can no longer find - booo!). But as I chewed on it it really grew on me, it has a comforting sweet vanilla hinted flavour that creeps up on you. It's even better with a cup of coffee - you can dip it in and it gets all melty and lovely. Yum!

Overall, for an alternative to white chocolate this has to be one of the better quality options I've tried. It's better than the supermarket own brands and feels more premium. If you're dairy free or vegan and miss white chocolate - this one is a must-try!

For more info and to buy:

Ingredients: cocoa butter, rice powder, raw cane sugar, natural vanilla flavouring.

Nutrition Information (per 100g): 638 calories, 48g fat, 48.7g carbohydrates, 26g sugars, 0.6g protein.

8 out of 10.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Haagen Dazs Peanut Butter Crunch, Toblerone Cookies etc (Spotted In Shops!)

Haagen Dazs Peanut Butter Crunch

Asda are outdoing everyone this week with new icy desserts, so once again it's time for another Spotted In Shops focused on some new things there! 

Firstly - Haagen Dazs Peanut Butter Crunch has arrived in tub format, hurrah! Featuring peanut butter ice cream, swirls of peanut butter and caramel this is most definitely a peanut butter lovers dream come true!

One for fans of fruitier iced treats, there's also these new Rowntrees Watermelon Lollies:

rowntrees watermelon lollies

Another addition to the Rowntrees range are these Fruit Pastilles Push Up Lollies:

rowntrees fruit pastilles push up lollies

Robinsons, the famous fruit squash makers are now doing Fruit & Barley Ice Lollies. These sound refreshing!

robinsons fruit and barley ice lollies

Even Swizzels are getting in on the act, with these Love Hearts Fruit Flavour Ice Lollies:

swizzels fruit ice lollies

Asda are taking on Magnum and have launched a new Raspberry & White Chocolate Moments variety:

asda raspberry and white chocolate moments

Plus Asda Moments Mint:

asda moments mint

Also out at Asda are these Freshly Baked Daim Cookies, containing real Daim pieces and toffee pieces:

daim cookies

Plus Toblerone Cookies!

fresh toblerone cookies

Asda have also launched this new All American Ice Cream Sundae Cake, complete with lots of sweeties. Perfect if it happens to be your birthday soon!

asda ice cream sundae cake

Asda Unicorn Cake:

asda unicorn cake

And last but not least, they're aso doing a unicorn cake. Of course. As well as the million and one other unicorn products they are also selling!

Well that's all for now, but there's more new products to come! Have you tried any of these? As always, leave a message in the comments to let me know your thoughts!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Barratt Fruity Coconut Mushrooms (Poundland)

Barratt Fruity Coconut Mushrooms

You can't beat coconut mushrooms. They're one of those classic Pick & Mix sweets that many of us know and love, and now Barratt have only gone and made a Fruity variety. Happy days! I was expecting these to taste of just regular coconut mushrooms when I saw them in Poundland recently, but to my surprise they actually turned out to have different individual fruit flavours.

Barratt Fruity Coconut Mushrooms

How pretty do they look? A lot nicer than regular coconut mushrooms that's for sure!

Barratt Fruity Coconut Mushrooms

There's classic fruit flavours like strawberry, lime, lemon, orange and er...blackcurrant? They contain no artificial colours or flavours, which is always a plus, but unfortunately aren't suitable for vegetarians as they contain gelatin.

barratt fruity coconut mushrooms

They're super tasty and moreish, with the coconut giving them that unmistakable tropical edge and the fruit flavours enhancing them even more. These were a lot nicer and more interesting than regular coconut mushrooms, and it's very easy to scoff most of the bag!

Overall, I reckon Baratt are geniuses for making these, they're a simple twist on a classic but they work so, so well! If you happen to be in Poundland and spot these pop some in your basket - you won't regret it! They'd be particularly good for snacking on at the cinema.

9 out of 10.