Asda Winter Blend Coffee

asda winter blend coffee

I recently spotted a new Winter Blend coffee from Asda's Extra Special range, and the description sounded rather intriguing indeed: "Capture the magic of Christmas with a delightful collection of the finest beans sourced from East Africa and Latin America. Subtle Winter Spices sparkle against a deep, velvety dark roast, crackling with hints of toasted nuts and dark chocolate". Sounds pretty special right? This costs £2.75 for a 227g pack.

asda winter blend coffee

I made it as directed in my cafetiere and of course drank it from my special piggy mug - no coffee would be complete for me without a pigs behind staring back at me, haha!

I wasn't expecting this to taste of festive spice or anything too fancy, because these "special" coffees never really do, but to my surprise it was rather good! Definitely not just an average coffee and there were some fruity and spicy notes in there. It's not christmas spice flavour but they've clearly used a different blend of coffee beans.

All in all, this is pretty good stuff and if you're a coffee lover I'd recommend it for a change over the festive season. Stay tuned for more coffee and tea reviews!


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