Teapigs Spiced Winter Red Tea

Today's review is rather festive since we are fast entering the Christmas holiday period, it's for a brand I've always loved but don't buy unless it's a special occasion due to the price. Teapigs! Teapigs are well known for their "biodegradable tea temples" and have won Great Taste awards for their range - this particular flavour has won a 2016 Great Taste award.

Costing £4.15 for 15 tea temples these contain a mixture of red rooibos tea, natural flavourings, orange peel, ginkgo leaves, orange blossom, cinnamon, ginseng, cloves and safflower petals. They're made in a factory that handles nuts.

The instructions advise brewing for 3-5 minutes with water at 100c. But as usual I didn't really pay attention to this and left the bag in my cup for a much stronger drink!

The tea is very nice and warming, and not too strongly spicy but gentle and subtle. Almost too subtle for my liking actually. Most of the spicy flavours are in the aftertaste which is no bad thing, but I guess I was looking for something with more of a kick to combat the cold of Winter!

Overall, this is a nice pleasant and subtle tea, perfect for anyone wanting to avoid caffeine or make a Rooibos Spice Latte. If you need a stronger kick though I'd recommend going for an alternative option - preferably a black tea.


  1. I've bought this before some years ago and it tasted primarily of clove and does a disservice to the nutty, lovely flavour that is Rooibos! Utter disappointment.
    I'd recommend Suki Tea's Rooibos Creme Brulee and Dragonfly Tea Organic Cape Malay Rooibos Chai if its posh Redbush tea that you're after.


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