Coconuts Organic Choc Orange Swirl Non Dairy Ice Cream

If you're into dairy free or vegan ice cream, good news, there's a new plant based alternative on the block: Coconuts Organic! Formerly called Coconuts Naturally they have rebranded and are now available in selected Tesco stores - do check out their website to see if they're available near you. You can find them in the Free From frozen food section for £5 a tub.

This Choc Orange Swirl variety is described as "Organic, non-dairy chocolate orange ice cream, made with coconut cream, unrefined coconut sugar and laced with an indulgent chocolate sauce swirl". It contains no dairy, nuts or gluten and is free from major allergens. It's soil association certified organic and also approved by the vegan society.

I couldn't wait to get this home to eat so cheekily ate some whilst in a Costa store right after buying it. There's a lovely orangey chocolate aroma on removing the lid. And the consistency is creamy, not too solid and was just beginning to get melty w…

Asda Tinned Banana Blossom Review

Recently, I spotted a totally new vegetable/fruit (not sure which it actually is!) in Asda called Banana Blossom in a tin. It was next to the tins of Jackfruit which is a well known vegan meat alternative. I assumed it was a similar thing so happily bought some to try - it’s £1.50 a tin. The image on the wrapper looked innocent enough - battered fish pieces, only vegan! Surely this stuff must be good?

Turns out that packaging was very misleading because nothing could prepare me for the horror that was lurking inside...when I opened the tin it was like opening something from a horror film, discovering the mouldy body of an ancient alien creature or other such evil. It looked hideous!!

“Surely this is not meant for human consumption?!”, I thought. Heck it’s not even suitable for bird consumption....I think flies would even turn their nose up at this thing, which looked like rotten infested seaweed.

When I posted this on my Instagram page the responses were predictably hilarious: “I’m c…

Poundland Twin Peaks Caramel Crunch Review

Despite being a knock-off of Toblerone, Poundland's Twin Peaks bar has now racked up quite a number of varieties...there's everything from Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Fruit and Nut...and there was even a Honeycomb flavour. It seems however that Honeycomb has made way for this new variety - Caramel Crunch (at least, they didn't have Honeycomb in Poundland when I spotted this). It sounds a bit like Daim crossed with Toblerone, doesn't it?

The description certainly made it sound as such: "Milk chocolate with caramel, almond and honey nougat pieces". It comes in a vibrant, eye-catching red wrapper which is the only reason I noticed it nestled amongst all the other Twin Peaks bars.

The block design is a bit different from Toblerone - probably to protect it from infringing copyright - and honestly doesn't look as cool. It's supposedly inspired by the Wrekin and Ercall hills which are based in Shropshire. But we all know what it's r…

Asda Raspberry Flavour Unicorn Spread

As annoying as the Unicorn trend is becoming (let it rest, it’s had it’s day!) I did get quite excited when I found out Asda have a new raspberry flavour “Unicorn” spread out. Simply because it’s such a novelty, and contains popping candy! I had totally forgotten however that I reviewed a product like this back in 2015 which was Winsenia Raspberry Spread that was available in Aldi at the time.

Costing £1.50, and simply described as “raspberry flavour Unicorn spread with popping candy pieces” this is indeed very similar to the spread I tried from Aldi back in 2015. It doesn’t contain white chocolate, and only the popping candy contains cocoa butter in the ingredients. It consists of a mixture of sugar, oil, milk powder, buttermilk powder etc.

It’s nice and gloopy with the popping candy pieces just visible in the pink mixture. Just the right texture to spread...which I did on rice cakes (I know, boring, but I like them ok!)

The spread has a strong raspberry smell, and definitely isn’t sk…

Kellogg’s White Chocolate Coco Pops

Recently Kellogg's announced a new product launch that got everyone rather excited indeed - they've gone and made a white chocolate version of Coco Pops! Yes, these have been flying off the shelves in Asda as everyone's so excited to try them. I'm pleased that white chocolate is so popular - it kind of flies against the companies saying that white chocolate limited editions aren't  popular in the UK doesn't it?

These are made with 30% less sugar and cost around £2.50 depending on where you get them from. They're currently in Tesco and Asda and presumably other stores too.

A lot of people have been saying on Instagram that these are just rice krispies, which luckily isn't true - they have a white chocolate flavoured coating to give the white chocolatey flavour. Although "white chocolate flavour rice krispies" might have been a more accurate description of them I guess.

They taste pretty good! There's a nice comforting white chocolate taste…

Cadbury Dairy Milk Simply The Zest Review

Amongst the other new flavours in the Cadbury Dairy Milk flavour vote (Choca-Latte and Raspberry Shortcake) the last one is this: Simply The Zest. I was very excited to try this as there's no orange flavour Cadbury bar currently on the market and also because Cadbury used to do a delicious orange flavour Dairy Milk many years ago:

This Simply The Zest bar was described as orange flavoured in the press releases so I thought it might be similar to the Dairy Milk Orange, but alas it wasn't. Instead it contains orange pieces and shortcake pieces plus crunchy almond caramel. 

It's pretty tasty, of course! The orange pieces are like chewy candied orange, similar to what you get in the Cadbury Bournville Orange, and the caramel pieces are a bit like Daim. To be honest they get a bit lost with the other flavours and textures, the shortcake biscuits are nice and crunchy, and overall it's a mishmash of fruit and biscuit flavours. Like I said, pretty tasty, but ultimately it didn&…

Cadbury Dairy Milk The Raspberry Shortcake Review

As I mentioned in my review of the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte bar, Cadbury UK have gone and released three new flavours of which you can vote for to keep your favourite one. Peoples responses on Instagram have been mixed so it'll certainly be interesting to see which wins, but I've seen a lot of love for both the Latte and Raspberry flavours so far. So which did I prefer?

Well, as nice as the Choca Latte was and it's great having a coffee flavour Dairy Milk bar, it lacks that certain something to make it worthy of staying in my opinion. I thought this Raspberry Shortcake variety was better, even if it's a more simple combination - sometimes simple things are better!

This reminded me a little of the Dairy Milk with Shortcake pieces, that was delicious, available in the early 2000's, and annoyingly discontinued! -

The shortcake bits are similar and very plentiful in this bar, with the dried raspberry bits giving an interesting contrast. It also contains &quo…