New Mars Milk Snacks Review

A big thanks to Mars' PR for sending me these new Mars Milk Snacks recently; I was promised a "surprise" new product and that it certainly was! It seems Mars have gone into new product frenzy recently, what with the M&M's Cake Bars I reviewed previously as well as a new Skittles Birthday Cake.

These are a chilled take on the Mars bar, featuring soft sponge cake topped with a malted chocolate mousse, finished with a layer of caramel and fully coated in thick milk chocolate. Each pack contains 6 individually wrapped bars, "the ideal treat for sharing when chilling out with your best mates. So clear some space in your fridge immediately!" These are available from Asda stores now with an RRP of £3.00.

Opening the box, I was struck by how dinky the bars looked. But sometimes good things come in small packages, as they say!

The chocolate had the classic creamy Mars chocolate aroma, but with a more malty edge than usual.

I cut it in half to try and get a peek…

Pro2Go Protein Bakes Chilli and Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Review

A big thankyou to Pro2Go for sending me a variety of their protein snacks to review recently. There's the Liquid Filled High Protein Bars, as well as these Protein Bakes - high protein, gluten free snacks that contain 50% less fat than crisps and 6g of plant-based protein per pack. Ideal for anyone on a vegan or gluten-free diet needing a protein boost after the gym!

I was sent two flavours: Salt & Balsamic and Chilli, each generously seasoned. The bakes have a wavy shape and smelled very flavoursome indeed. I started with the chilli flavour first.

The ingredients are a mix of rice flour, rice protein, potato flakes, tapioca and chilli seasoning. They're made in a dedicated gluten free facility, which also handles milk products, so be wary if you have a milk allergy.

The bakes were super crunchy and the generous seasoning made them very flavoursome. The spices are just right - they're not too hot, just a nice mild spiciness with more of a tomato and onion flavour. The…

Coca Cola Cinnamon Zero Sugar Festive Limited Edition

So it was only announced last week that we'd be getting a Cinnamon festive limited edition Coca Cola Zero Sugar in the UK, and already it's in shops...hurrah! Right?

This is now available from both Tesco and Sainsburys, for £1.25 for a 1.25l bottle. If your locals aren't stocking it yet though do be patient - it's sure to turn up soon. Is it worth the excitement, is it as festive and christmassy as we are all hoping, I hear you ask...?

I was certainly very hyped to try this when I first heard about it - I've always liked cinnamon and spice flavoured drinks in Autumn, and pairing the flavour with Coca Cola sounded like a potentially great idea. It could have been a nice mixer for alcoholic drinks.

But sadly it was a bit of a letdown. It doesn't taste bad at all, it's a typically sweet, refreshing and pleasant Coca Cola drink that we are all familiar with, it's just that the cinnamon flavour is only barely there. At first I couldn't taste it, but the…

Bailey's Yule Log, Christmas Tree Crisps, Cinnamon Coca Cola etc (Spotted In Shops)

Just a quick run down of some recent Spotted In Shops finds this week...there's so many new products out it's hard to keep track, but rest assured I'll be doing the yearly Christmas & Halloween In Shops roundups soon!
Firstly (above), this made the rounds in the News recently, it is of course Christmas Tree flavour crisps, available at Iceland! Would you try them? I haven't.

Secondly - the fantastic sounding new Bailey's Chocolate Yule Log, available at Tesco. Yummo!

In other weird crisp flavours, Gin has found its way onto crisps too. Waitrose are doing Pink Peppercorn Gin Hand Cooked Crisps!

Bailey's Pumpkin Spice is back! Available at Tesco for £12.

Or if you want a cheaper version, Aldi are now doing Specially Selected Pumpkin Spice Irish Cream Liquer for £6.99.

Nestle Smarties Limited Edition Rudolph's Noses - red-only Smarties, exclusive to Asda for £1.

Ed's Easy Diner is now in the freezer section of Tesco! They're doing Banoffee Pie and …

Pro2Go High Protein Bars Range

A big thankyou to Sci-Mx Nutrition for today's review; they recently sent me some interesting products from their new protein bar range to try. I'll be reviewing their Protein Bakes crisps shortly but today I'll focus on the bars. There's 4 different flavours, each with a soft liquid centre. The protein comes from whey crisps and hydrolyzed collagen, and the sweetness from maltitol and sucralose.

I thought I'd start with one of the more unusual flavours, an Apple & Cinnamon bar with a white chocolate coating, sweetener and an apple and cinnamon flavour centre. Opening the wrapper it had a nice cinnamony sweet aroma, and there was a hint of apple there too. It smelled very inviting.

The chocolate coating is thin, but does a nice job of recreating a milky white chocolate flavour. The centre is quite creamy, almost fudgey with a distinct apple and cinnamon taste that was quite yummy indeed. You can taste the protein in there and it's pretty inoffensive. The …

Marks & Spencer Cookie Dough Bites Review

A big thankyou to Marks and Spencer Food PR for sending me a box of chocolate treats to review recently. I've already reviewed the Salted Caramel Mini Whips and Belgian Chocolate Wafer Bites, and now it's the turn of the Cookie Dough Bites! These have of course been around for quite some time now (my old pally Reaching For Refreshment reviewed them back in 2016) so I as wondering if these had changed at all since then.

You can of course pick these up in Marks and Spencer stores for £2 in their confectionery aisles - they're described as "Milk chocolate and dark biscuit crumb with a soft white chocolate and biscuit filling".

Now, once again with these being cookie dough containing gluten I couldn't eat them myself...much as I wanted to. So I passed them onto a friend who gave me his verdict.

They smelled delicious, of course, with an unmistakable aroma that is the usual high quality we're used to from M&S chocolate. Nothing new there. The filling is c…