The Protein Works Vegan Protein Crunkie Apple & Cinnamon

Another review of The Protein Works today, following on from the Salted Caramel Protein Cookies today it's the turn of their Protein "Crunkies", which are not only gluten free but vegan. Hurrah! They're made with a mix of oats, sucralose, corn fibre, apple, sultanas, rice crispies and soy protein.

So why are they called Crunkies? Beats me - they're pretty much cereal bars! There's a dark chocolate flavour coating on one side and the other side has raisins clearly visible.

And they taste pretty good! The apple and cinnamon flavour is unmistakable, and gave me that warm feeling of autumn when cinnamon flavours are more common. Of course it goes perfectly with the raisins, as well as the rice crispies and oats. The dark chocolate coating adds a nice touch although I didn't feel it was necessary - the bar is nice enough as is.  All in all, this is a sweet and satisfying bar and the perfect snack for after a workout (if that's your thing!). It's filli…

Kitkat Chunky Salted Caramel Fudge Review

It's taken them a while, but finally Nestle have come to their senses and released a Salted Caramel Kitkat variety. Hurrah right?! It's a shame they won't bring back the Kitkat Caramac from years ago (Australia are now lucky enough to get a Kitkat Gold which is pretty similar!), but I'm sure we can make do with this instead.

Available from Sainsbury's for 50p, this presumably replaces the New York Cheesecake Kitkat Chunky from last year and is described as "Crispy wafer finger with a salted caramel fudge flavoured topping covered in milk chocolate".

Now, as everyone knows I can't eat gluten, so I gave this to a friend to let me know his thoughts.

Opening the wrapper, there's a very powerful and overwhelming aroma of caramel.

Splitting the chunks apart, the salted caramel fudge layer is visible just above the wafer and is somewhat like a paste.

How does it taste? Well according to my friend "it's very sweet, with a strong buttery caramel …

The Protein Works Salted Caramel Protein Cookies

A huge thankyou to The Protein Works, who recently sent me some of their Protein Cookies to review! Protein Cookies are a new one on me, something I've never tried before so I was very intrigued. You can find these from, and they come in a wide variety of flavours. There's also Protein Brownies and all manner of protein based truffles to enjoy if you're of the #fitfam way of life!

The protein comes from a whey powder, milk protein and collagen blend which forms the bulk of the cookie. There's also oat flour, corn fibre and the sweetener sucralose mixed in.

Opening the wrapper, the cookie had a rather interesting looking appearance with a golden brown colour.

I split it open, which was easy enough. There's cubes of fudge pieces embedded within the cookie.

The smell was very different to a regular cookie, it has that "whey" powder aroma that I'm sure many are familiar with. It's not unpleasant at all but it's distinctive…

Cadbury Heroes & Celebrations Tubs now in shops! #christmasinsummer

I first ranted about Christmas coming early several years back, and it seems that Christmas products seem to appear in shops earlier and earlier every year. We've now reached a point where they're apparently necessary whilst still basking in the Summer heat!

I must admit I was a little surprised to see these tubs of Cadbury Heroes and Mars Celebrations on Friday. It's become the norm to get them in September but I don't think they've ever been out this early before?

If you're desperate to get your hands on some of the sugary goodness, they're £5 a tub in Tesco which is pretty reasonable (that said, they may be rather melted depending on the heat where you are!)

As well as the tubs, B&M have started stocking...stocking fillers! Such as Nestle Jelly Tots:

Caramac Buttons:

And Swizzel's Lovehearts tubes, now with Emojis:

As well as those, in Tesco Express I've seen tubs of Quality Street:

Plus Cadbury Roses:

There's also some festive Dairy Fre…

New Oreo & Cadbury Joyfills, Oreo Muffins, Skittles Chewies! (Spotted In Shops)

Spotted In Shops is back...hurrah, right?! There's been some rather interesting products released lately so without further ado let's crack on and take a look at them...

First up is Mondelez, because of course they can't go more than a few months without releasing another new product. This time they've put Cadbury and Oreo's name on their new "Joyfills" range, which are basically a bit like Krave cereal. The big question is - are they meant to be classed as a cereal or a biscuit? They come in Cadbury Milk Chocolate Creme and Choco Cookie Joyfills...

Plus Oreo and Oreo Choco Caramel Creme varieties. Available from The Co Op, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Tesco for between £1 - £1.50 currently.

Another Oreo product that isn't quite so new, but looks fantastic are the Oreo Doughnuts pictured above. Spotted at The Co Op.

One that is new however are these Oreo Muffins, also in The Co Op for £1.

Continuing with the Oreo theme, you can now get Cadbury Oreo …

Zotter Xocitto Choco-Espresso

Today's review is for a rather special chocolate maker, one I have loved for a long time now but is rather difficult to find in UK shops. A handful of health food stores sometimes sell their bars, and you can also buy direct from Zotter's Austrian website and have bars delivered to the UK.

Zotter are an Austrian company making an extensive variety of unique bars, from their famous "hand scooped" range (see my review of their Coconut & Raspberry) with various fillings, to their Mitzi Blue discs that remind me of UFO's. I was kindly sent a variety of bars to try recently, so a big thankyou to Zotter for the opportunity!

I chose varieties from their dairy free vegan varieties, which they make a rather large number of. They even do vegan white and milk chocolates - check out the range if that's your kind of thing!

Today's review is for their Xocitto Choco Espresso kit. The box contained several chunky bars of 100% cocoa fine chocolate that are ideal for …

Real Handful Mint Choc Chipper and Strawberry Stomp

Today's review is part two of the snacks I was sent to review by Real Handful, makers of deliciously nutritious snacks with "unruly flavours". I've already reviewed their Sea Salt Caremello and Choc Orange bars, but another addition to their range are these new varieties of Fruit & Nut mixes, in both Strawberry and Mint Choc Chip varieties.

I started with "Strawberry Stomp", which contains a mix of almonds, strawberry flavour raisins, juice infused strawberries and sunflower seeds. It's an interesting mix because you don't often find dried strawberries in bagged snacks. Opening the pack there was certainly a strong strawberry "jammy" was very fruity!

At first I was a bit unsure as I've never had a bag of fruit and nuts like this, my tastebuds were a little confused because raisins shouldn't taste of strawberry! But after tucking in I really started to enjoy them, it's a different taste from the norm and actually…