Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Nestlé Baby Ruth Bar Review

nestle baby ruth

Recently, B&M have started selling a variety of peanutty chocolate bars, from the new Magnum Double Peanut Butter, to Cadbury Wunderbar, as well as Butterfinger Cups and various others. Most of them contain gluten so were off-limits to me, but I did spot this 6 pack of Nestle Baby Ruth that is gluten-free. Since I'm always game for a new peanutty snack I thought why not give them a try, at £1 for 6 bars they seemed a bit of a bargain! (Edit: I didn't realise that I've already reviewed the large version of Baby Ruth...oops! My memory is so bad!)

The 6 pack contains mini Baby Ruth bars; I didn't realize quite how small they would be until I opened the pack...they're a mere 18.4g per bar! They're described as "Bursting with peanuts, rich caramel and chewy nougat".

I have to say I wasn't very impressed. The caramel certainly wasn't "rich" like the description suggested, in fact it tasted of nothing, and I believe the chocolate coating was "fake chocolate", ie. a mixture of cocoa and vegetable fat. The nougat was sweet but tasteless, and the peanuts were ok, although not very fresh tasting.

All in all, these Baby Ruth bars were a huge disappointment. They're like a much inferior Snickers made with discounted ingredients...pretty awful really! If you're a fan of peanutty bars I'd recommend giving these a wide berth.

5 out of 10.

Mini Moos Dairy Free Minty Moo Bar

moo free minty moo

Recently whilst in Morrisons I was perusing the "free from" section and noticed this dairy free chocolate bar, from the company Moo Free called Mini Moos. Since I've been trying to be healthier in general and reduce dairy in my diet I thought I'd give it a try to see how it compares to a regular old milk chocolate bar. This bar is gluten free, dairy free, organic and approved by the Vegan society. It's made with rice powder in place of milk. The bar contains crunchy mint pieces studded throughout, which you can see below...

moo free mini moos

I have to say this bar really surprised me, it was very tasty indeed and just as good as a regular milk chocolate bar. It didn't taste as sickly sweet, it had a more richer defined flavour, with the mint pieces really shining through. It was very pleasant and refreshing, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd definitely buy this one again!

Overall, this is a great little treat from Moo Free, if you're vegan, lactose intolerant or just a fan of minty chocolates in general, give it a try! 

8.5 out of 10. 

Monday, 2 May 2016

Feast Peanut Butter Snack Bar

feast snack bar peanut butter

Recently, Wall's launched two new peanut butter flavoured ice creams. One was the tasty Magnum Double Peanut Butter, and the other was this Feast Snack Bar. Strangely, this doesn't state on the front of the pack that it has anything to do with peanut butter, but the back describes these ice creams as "Peanut butter flavour ice cream with caramel sauce, milk chocolate flavour coating and peanut pieces".

feast snack bar peanut butter

I haven't eaten a Feast in years because they contain gluten, but these are different from a regular Feast as they don't contain the solid chocolate centre, and thus are gluten free. While I'm glad about that, I couldn't help thinking "what makes them a Feast without the solid centre?!" Still, I had to try them in the name of Snacks Science...

feast snack bar

I can't say they were that great to be honest. The ice cream has a vague peanutty flavour, but not particularly strong and it's a stretch to call it peanut butter. The caramel sauce was hardly detectable, there was a very thin layer of it and it added a slight sticky sweetness but that's about all. The chocolate coating wasn't real chocolate but some kind of cocoa and vegetable fat mixture, so it didn't taste all that nice.

Overall, these Feast Snack Bars are rather pointless in my opinion. They don't deliver anything on the peanut butter front (which is perhaps why they haven't advertised this on the front of the pack), they're pretty much just glorified Choc Ices. I wouldn't buy these again.

6 out of 10.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Daim Ice Cream Sticks Review

daim ice cream sticks

No visit to the seaside would be complete without ice cream, and since I can't have regular cone ice creams due to gluten allergy I decided to make do with these new Daim ice cream sticks instead. I've had my eye on these ever since they first appeared in Morrisons, but with an RRP of £2.49 I found them a bit too pricey. However they were reduced to £1.49 so I couldn't say no!

daim ice cream sticks

There's 3 sticks per box, each one weighing 71g. They're described as "Caramel ice creams with milk chocolate coated caramel and almond pieces, covered in milk chocolate with almond-caramel pieces". So there's bits of Daim in both the ice cream and the chocolate coating!

daim ice cream stick

By the time I opened the box the ice creams were very soft, so much so that in the above pic the ice cream was nearly ready to break in half!

daim ice cream stick

Taking a bite, I was met with a nice soft ice cream with a satisfying caramel flavour. There were some Daim pieces mixed in, giving it a nice crunch, but not quite as many as I'd have liked. There were yet more Daim pieces in the chocolate coating, which was the bit that really stood out: the chocolate tasted smooth and creamy, with the Daim pieces bringing a moreish toffee crunchiness. These are definitely some very tasty ice creams!

Overall, these Daim ice creams are pretty yummy and if you can find them at a reduced price I'd highly recommend giving them a try. Just don't pay the full price of £2.49 (I believe they'll be £1.49 for a while at Morrisons, so try them while you can!)

8 out of 10. 

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Côte d'Or Dark Chocolate Noir with Almonds

Côte d'Or noir almond

I've always been partial to Côte d'Or chocolates, even though they're a rare find in the UK. I've only ever seen them on market stalls selling discounted European stuff, and that's exactly where I spotted this Côte d'Or dark chocolate with almonds recently. It was a mere 99p for 200g - bargain!

Côte d'Or dark

It's described as "high quality plain chocolate with whole almonds" and contains 46% cocoa solids. Not particularly high for dark chocolate, but acceptable for "plain" or "semisweet" chocolate I suppose. It's made by Mondelez Belgium.

Côte d'Or dark chocolate almond

The bar is very thick with interesting shaped chunks, each one with the Côte d'Or elephant logo printed on. I really do love the feel of Côte d'Or bars, they're a lot more substantial than what Cadbury bars have now become!

Côte d'Or dark noir almond

There were plenty of almond pieces distributed throughout the bar, but it didn't smell particularly appetising, I suspect it may have suffered somewhat during transit.

Côte d'Or dark noir almond

The chocolate tasted ok, but was a bit underwhelming. The almonds were a nice touch but they didn't taste particularly fresh, and neither did the chocolate. It had a slightly "off" taste although it was still within the best before date. I also felt it could have been a bit stronger in flavour.

Overall, this bar is sadly a bit of a miss. I do enjoy Côte d'Or chocolate and some of their milk chocolate truffle bars can be absolutely lovely, but this one isn't a standout for me.

6 out of 10. 

Friday, 29 April 2016

Haagen Dazs Vanilla Almonds Ice Cream Stick

haagen dazs vanilla almonds

I love Heron Frozen Foods, they always have such an interesting range of products that aren't always found in supermarkets, and they're cheap to boot. Woo! 

I haven't seen this new ice cream stick from Haagen Dazs in any supermarkets yet, so I'm not sure where Heron are sourcing it from, but at 39p I really couldn't refuse. There was also a Cookies & Cream variety that I couldn't try due to gluten (boo!). 

haagen dazs vanilla almonds

The stick comes wrapped in plastic in its own box. Very fancy!

haagen dazs vanilla almonds

The ice cream is a simple vanilla Haagen Dazs ice cream, coated in milk chocolate with pieces of almond as well as crunchy rice pieces.

haagen dazs vanilla almonds

And it was dee-licious! By the time I got this home it was the perfect temperature for eating, the ice cream was soft and melt in the mouth with a lovely vanilla creaminess. The milk chocolate coating added to the deliciousness, it was creamy and good quality, with the almond and rice crisps adding a tasty crunch. This ice cream was a delight, my only complaint is that it was a tad on the small side! Still, when it's such good quality I suppose you can't have everything.

Overall, this is a very tasty ice cream stick from Haagen Dazs, I'm sure the Cookies & Cream variety is even better...if anyone tries that one please do leave a comment!

8.5 out of 10.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Lusette Wafers & Win a Hamper!

Lusette nougat

I was recently contacted by Halusky, an import foods company specializing in Czech and Slokak products, who are releasing a new range of wafers called Lusette in the UK. I've seen a lot of their products in local stores before, so I was excited about this, only one problem: I can't eat gluten! So todays review is based on opinions of a friend who tried these wafers on my behalf.

Lusette Nougat: 
The above pictured bar contains some type of nougat Creme filling, which is slightly chewy and very creamy, working well against the crunchy wafers and creamy milk chocolate. A bit different for a wafer bar and very tasty with a cup of coffee!

Lusette chocolate

Lusette Chocolate: 
This variety has a very rich and dense chocolate Creme filling, making it very satisfying and almost like a dessert in itself. Very tasty! Again, perfect with coffee.

Lusette platinum

Lusette Platinum: 
This wafer contains chopped nuts mixed into the chocolate coating and filling, giving it a lovely crunch and making it almost like a Ferrero Richer wafer. Very yummy!

Lusette milk

Lusette Milk:
This one contains a thick milk cream filling, which is very creamy indeed but nicely balanced by the milk chocolate coating and wafer. It's a real treat and a lot more satisfying than some UK wafer brands like Blue Riband for example.

Overall, this range of Lusette wafers seem to be on pretty top form, certainly better than the average UK supermarket brand wafer. If you're partial to a good wafer do check out Halusky's Website  for the entire range. They have some pretty interesting chocolate bars on there too, including the tasty Studentska Pecet bars I've previously reviewed!

There's also a Survey from Halusky here about wafer products, the first 50 people to fill it in will receive a FREE hamper of products! Get cracking! (Halusky are looking for respondents particularly in the London area).