Marks and Spencer Mindanao Island Dark Chocolate

Following my review of the M&S Single Origin 100% Cocoa Dark Chocolate last week, today we have something perhaps a little more palatable to those not used to sugar free chocolates, a Single Estate 72% cocoa bar from Mindanao Island in the Phillipines. This bar is part of the new range at M&S which also includes a single origin White Chocolate bar.

The bar is thinner than other bars M&S usually do, no doubt due to the need to charge more for less since these are from single estate cocoa growers. And to be honest that's no bad thing - the taste is much better than any average dark chocolate!

For a 72% bar this was very flavourful, with an almost honey like taste as well as some sharper fruity cocoa flavours. I enjoyed every bite and savoured it since the bar was quite small. And despite being small I felt like I'd gotten a lot more compared to the larger dark bars.

Overall, if you're a dark chocolate lover I would highly recommend giving this one a try - the fl…

Charlene's Chocolate Factory Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa

Another review courtesy of Charlene's Chocolate Factory today, makers of interesting and quirky chocolate bars (check out my reviews of their Bubblegum Blonde, Mint Choc Chip and Beetroot Bars!). This time it's for something a bit more common as a chocolate flavouring - coffee, brilliantly named after the classic Wham! hit. I do love me some coffee in the mornings, so I loved the idea of being woken up by a chocolate bar rather than coffee!

A bit of background first: Charlene's Chocolate Factory are of course named after the classic Charlie and The Chocolate Factory film, and are dedicated to making interesting and quirky bars, from the likes of Gin and Tonic, Marmite and various fantastically-coloured bars. To check out their range see:

A darker bar than the others I've reviewed, this vegan chocolate contains 72% cocoa solids and has ground coffee beans direct from Italy added. Ooh-er! One side has a lovely patterned effect printed …

Botonique Botanical Drink For Wine Lovers

Today's review is something a bit different, and not something I feature as much of compared to snacks - a fizzy drink! But not just any fizzy drink, rather, a botanical drink with added vitamins designed for wine lovers - minus the alcohol! Its "made by and for very positive people but there are some antis we favour: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxins, anti-dehydration".

The drink contains an array of vitamins and flavours extracted from herbs, spices, citrus, milk thistle, minerals and amino acids. There's no added sugar, sweeteeners or sulphites, just pear juice to give it a light delicate sweetness.

I chilled the bottle and poured it out into one of my fancy cocktail glasses, to get the full benefit. I'm not a wine drinker and rarely use it so this felt like a special rare occasion indeed. I took a sip - it's just the right level of fizziness. The flavour is subtle and definitely botanical, which I loved.

I was a big fan of those botanical drin…

Marks & Spencer Single Origin 100% Cocoa Dark Chocolate

When I'm avoiding sugar I do like a good 100% cocoa dark chocolate bar. They're hard to find in most shops, but luckily thanks to Sainsbury's the Montezuma's Absolute Black is becoming widely available - handy for anyone on a low carb diet. But now M&S are here to challenge it with their own version of 100% cocoa chocolate, a Single Origin Fairtrade bar made in Peru. This bar costs £2 for 100g and is available in most of their larger stores.

There's a Taste Profile inside the case, which mentions notes of red fruits and honey, as well as a whisky that pairs well this chocolate. Steady on M&S, are you trying to get me drunk?!

Make no mistake about it, this is a very, very dark chocolate and one that I imagine is just too much for most folks. It's intense, and has that fruity acidic flavour that is common with unsweetened chocolate. The description of red berry flavours is quite accurate; this does indeed taste strongly of berries, and is quite complex w…

Prestat The Red Box Review

Amongst the treats Prestat sent me recently, such as the Ruby Chocolate Bar and Ruby Chocolate Thins they also sent me this box of truffles named The Red Box. Originally conceived of in the 1950s, "this delightful box adorned the drawing rooms and ballrooms of the stateliest of Britain’s homes and could be found in the green rooms of London’s famous West End Theatres". Prestat truffles were also "adored" by Roald Dahl, creator of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Beautifully presented, the chocolates come in three types: dark, milk and of course white. The flavours are Sweet Clementine, Earl Grey and London Gin & Lemon. I started off by trying the Earl Grey since I'm a big fan of earl grey tea.

Encased in milk chocolate, the truffle contains milk chocolate ganache infused with earl grey tea, and you can just about see the specks of tea in it. It tastes delicious! The chocolate is high quality whilst the creamy ganache is very comforting with the bergamot …

Charlene's Chocolate Factory Beet It Bar

Another review from the rather interesting Charlene's Chocolate Factory today, who make a wide variety of funky chocolate bars from the likes of the blue Bubblegum Blonde bar to Mint Choc Chip, and others like Gin and Tonic and even Marmite! Find them on their website here:

Yes there's definitely something for everyone, even to the point of catering for the vegetable lovers with this "Sweetened Dark Chocolate with Beetroot". I chose this one to review out of pure curiousity...just how would the familiar earthy vegetable taste in chocolate form?!

Containing 60% cocoa solids and powdered beetroot, the bars weigh 90g and have a lovely pink patterned design on one side - the other side is regular blocks.

I took a bite. The taste is...not as weird as I expected! It's surprisingly sweet, and I certainly didn't expect it to lend a nice mild flavour to the chocolate. Yes there's the earthy unmistakable beetroot taste i…

Nestle Smarties Unicorn Edition!

Just a quick heads up today...Nestle are going to launch a "Unicorn Edition" of Smarties next week! Available at Asda for £1 in 112g pouches, these will contain the "magical" unicorn colours of blue and pink. How...innovative! Unfortunately these won't be white chocolate (now that would be magical indeed!) but milk chocolate Smarties. So whilst there is no difference in flavour, you can create #unicorn themed cakes and cookies with them. Very Instagrammable, very modern!

It remains to be seen what will come next in Unicorn Themed Products...perhaps a Unicorn Kitkat? Unicorn Snickers? Let me know what you'd like to see in the comments!