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Lindt Lindor Strawberries & Cream (Limited Edition) Review

I've been itching to try these new Limited Edition Lindor Strawberries and Cream since they first appeared in shops a few weeks ago, and luckily thanks to a slew of recent discounts I couldn't say no - I picked them up for £3 at Sainsbury's, and they're around the £3 mark in other stores too.

They're described as "White chocolate truffles with strawberries and cream and a smooth melting filling", and are basically white chocolate Lindor with added flecks of strawberry and a strawberry truffle centre. The ingredients list both cream and strawberry powder, so these are genuinely made of both strawberries and cream!

Unwrapping one I was met with what can only be described as the smell of strawberry milkshake. This was a good sign!

Cutting it open revealed the slightly pink coloured centre which was quite firm at this point:

Popping a whole one in my mouth I was first met with the creamy white chocolate - it was excellent quality and the cream powder was ver…

Cadbury Creme Egg Pots of Joy Review

I was really surprised to spot these new Cadbury Creme Egg Pots of Joy in Sainsbury's recently as I wasn't expecting them at all - there's been no press-release whatsoever. I've heard plenty about the new Cadbury Creme Egg Biscuits, though; do check out Foodstuff Finds review of those!

These are a bit of a different prospect - they're described as "2 x smooth and creamy desserts made with melted Cadbury milk chocolate with a fondant layer". Of course they wouldn't be creme egg without the famous white and yellow fondant, and here it is in all its gooey glory!:

Taste-wise they were kind of as you would expect - smooth and chocolatey with an added hit of sweet fondant from the creme egg layer. It was creamy and of course very sweet, but that's not such a bad thing when it comes to creme egg - half of the "joy" is in the sugar rush!

Overall, if you're a fan of Cadbury creme eggs then these are a nice Easter novelty. I imagine they'…

Post-xmas bargains! Thorntons Mint Classics, Giant Quality Street Fudge & More...

This is a late post, but since I bought a lot of reduced chocolates in the post-xmas sales I thought I'd compile them all into one superpost. There's been so many I've been pigging out on it'd take ages to review them all individually!

Thorntons Classics Marvellous Mint Favourites:

First up is the Thorntons Classics Mint Collection. I've always been curious about this box and for £1.98 at Morrisons I really couldn't say no! Unfortunately it wasn't as great as I anticipated. It was nice enough, don't get me wrong, but it lacked a "wow" factor for a supposedly fancy box of chocolates. The varieties were a little unimaginative and tasted overly sweet. The box comprised of several different varieties:

Mint Fudge: This was a nice mint flavoured fudge, although not quite up to Thorntons usual standards when it comes to fudge. 7 out of 10.

Peppermint Creme: This had a hard mint fondant centre and was thus extremely sweet, too sweet for me in fact. I m…

Tesco Bank of Chocolate - Money-themed Belgian Chocolate Bar Review

A big thankyou to the lovely Bring Back Banjo Chocolate Bar who kindly sent me this Tesco chocolate bar over the Christmas period. Please do check out her petition to bring back the iconic Banjo Wafer Bar (it was around in the 80's) which is sorely missed by many. Please also sign the petition and Like the Bring Back Banjo Facebook page! If Wispa can come back then so can Banjo!

Onto the Tesco bar then, the packaging looks like a £50 note, which must surely mean it's one of the most expensive chocolate bars around?! Unfortunately it's not, but it turned out to be a surprisingly tasty bar of Belgian milk chocolate.

To cut to the chase, it tasted very delicious. It had a typical Belgian chocolate flavour - very silky and luxurious, as well as being creamy and melt-in-the mouth. I'm not sure if this is the same as the milk chocolate in Tesco's finest range but it was pretty fine indeed. It didn't take me long to scoff half of the bar!

Overall, this is a cool nove…

Milka Amavel Mousse a la Creme Caramel - Quick Review

My apologies for yet another old review...I bought this bar months ago and it has remained in my snacks archives for quite a while! My camera is currently broken so I can't review any of the cool new snacks on shelves at the moment - boo-hoo! :(

I picked up this bar from a discount store for 50p. It reminded me of the Milka Amavel Nuss Torte bar I reviewed here but instead of a sponge filling it contained a caramel-flavoured chocolate mousse filling. The bar came in 2 seperate plastic-wrapped sections:

Each section contained 4 uniquely shaped triangular, curved blocks:

Cutting one open revealed quite a firm truffle filling with a strong caramel aroma - it smelled absolutely delicious!

Taking a bite I wasn't let down - the chocolate was extremely rich and with a strong caramel/butterscotch-like flavour that was very delicious. It was a little bit too rich actually, and I could only handle a few blocks at once. It reminded me somewhat of the filling in Lindor truffles. The milk…

Cadbury Wispa Ice Cream Bars Review

Wispa is such an iconic chocolate bar that I had very high hopes for this icecream version when I bought it recently. I enjoyed the Double Decker ice cream bars in this range so assumed the Wispa variety would be just as tasty.

Unfortunately they were very boring. The ice creams contain small pieces of Wispa which could be any chocolate quite frankly, because they add very little to the taste or texture of the ice cream. The icecream itself is a basic chocolate ice cream and quite unremarkable. It all meshes together into a generic milky sweetness that is rather boring. I think a better idea would have been a Wispa Gold ice cream, with a full layer of Wispa chocolate, icecream and a layer of caramel. It would fit the name of Wispa much better than simply adding tiny bits of Wispa to substandard chocolate ice cream!

Overall, these ice cream bars were a big disappointment and in my opinion don't do justice to the iconic chocolate bar that is the Wispa.

RATING: 5 out of 10. 

Price: £1.…

Lacta Toffee Nut Bar (Greek chocolate) Review

"Lacta" is a brand owned by Kraft, and from what I can gather it is the Greek equivalent of the Milka brand. I've tried Lacta Popcorn before (see my Pick & Mix Review here) and considering how tasty it was I couldn't resist buying one of these Toffee Nut bars from a discount store recently. They were 4 for £1 but I decided to go for just the one in case it tasted bad. In hindsight I wish I'd bought more!

They look very similar to the Milka Toffee Hazelnut bar already available in Germany (and from Monster Sweets HERE). The wrapper comes with a section meant to be ripped off at the end, so I happily obliged!

Opening it up fully I was impressed by the shape of the bar. The blocks had a sleek and curved appearance:

Taste-wise it was very nice indeed. It contained some sort of cream filling, topped with crunchy hazelnuts and caramel. The cream seemed to have a caramel flavour and was extremely smooth. The toffee and hazelnuts on top completed the bar perfectly a…

Frey Chocobloc White Chocolate - Quick Review

Being a huge fan of Swiss Frey's chocolate range I was very excited when I spotted bars of this White Chocobloc on special offer at a market stall recently. I paid only 40p which is an absolute baragin for such high quality chocolate!

It's basically the same thing as white chocolate Toblerone, but in my opinion much nicer as it's less sweet and sugary and more milky and melt-in-the mouth. For a cheap chocolate the quality was excellent. The flavour of the honey made it a little bit too sweet after a few pieces but I still enjoyed it a lot, and the chopped almonds added a lovely nutty crunch. Unlike Toblerone the blocks come in unique shaped blocks:

Overall, if youre a fan of Toblerone I would definitely check this out if you see it on the cheap. Luckily, Frey seem to produce private-label chocolates for Marks and Spencer under their Swiss chocolate range so you can actually buy these in M&S. Their Swiss White Mountain Bar is identical!

RATING: 8 out of 10.

Other Frey Re…

Lindt Excellence Blueberry Intense Dark Review

Being a huge fan of Lindt chocolates I had to pick this up when I saw it in Sainsbury's recently. I bought it along with the Lindt Strawberry Intense I've reviewed previously, for the same price of £1.99. I was pleased to find it because it's so rare to see such an exotic flavour from a mainstream chocolate producer in the UK. Bravo to Lindt for trying something a bit different!

Like the Strawberry Intense it contains 47% cocoa solids, and is described as "Fine dark chocolate with almonds and blueberries".

I think the amount of cocoa solids is just about right - not too rich and not too sweet, which for a bar like this is what you want really. The flavour of the blueberries was nice and complemented the almond pieces perfectly. They tasted realistic and avoided the trap of tasting too artificial, as blueberry flavoured chocolates often do. My only gripe is that there wasn't nearly enough of them - they make up only 2% of the bar in total. There's actuall…

Nestlé Orion Banány White Chocolate - Quick Review

I've always been curious about "Banány" chocolates, even after reading Grocery Gems post on their regular version, which sounded a bit disappointing. I'm a fan of foam bananas, especially milk chocolate-coated ones such as the Donkers Choco Bananas I reviewed last year, so couldn't wait to try this white chocolate version!

Unfortunately it tasted pretty bad. It had an unpleasant texture that was kind of "crunchy", almost as though all the sugar in it had crystallized. The banana flavour was rather mild and just left the sugary jelly centre to give flavour. The white chocolate was also very mild and added little to the taste except for an extra hit of sweetness.

Overall, Nestlé Banány is an interesting idea but ultimately fails as a product. If they could get the basic taste and texture right (like the Donkers Choco Bananas) and coat it in decent quality chocolate, this would be a winner!

RATING: 4 out of 10.

Cloetta Popsy Original - Swedish Chocolate Dragees Review

Over the festive period I spotted these Cloetta Popsy in 99p Stores and thought "Ooh that looks a bit different!" Cloetta is a Swedish brand; I've tried their "Center" bar before and really enjoyed it so was looking forward to trying these!

They're described as "soft foam dragees with a taste of chocolate, arrack, buttertoffee and vanilla". I had no idea what flavour "arrack" is so did a quick google to reveal that it is in fact "a distilled alcoholic drink typically produced in South Asia and Southeast Asia, made from either the fermented sap of coconut flowers, sugarcane, grain (e.g. red rice) or fruit, depending upon the country of origin" (source:

I wasn't sure what to expect but they turned out to be a mixture of chewy caramels (the "buttertoffee" variety) and chewy marshmallow style dragees with vanilla and alcohol flavouring. Some were coated in milk chocolate and some…

Tesco Chocolate Popcorn And Salted Caramel Dessert Review

Whilst in Tesco recently I needed a quick snack and instead of going for chocolate or a bag of nuts I decided to try this Chocolate Popcorn and Salted Caramel Dessert pot instead. It comes with a little plastic spoon to eat it with so I knew I was safe in the knowledge I could nom on it as soon as I'd left the store! (hence only the one photo!)

It's described on the sleeve as "Layers of chocolate dessert, salted caramel sauce, chocolate coated popcorn pieces and caramel pieces". As salted caramel is usually fantastic no matter what it's combined with I had high expectations from the start, but alas, this dessert was a bit of a disappointment really. Whilst it tasted nice enough, it wasn't quite as luxurious as I'd hoped and the caramel portion had an odd, almost "bitter" edge to it, which I've also experienced with toffee yogurts before. My guess is that the caramel sauce had some kind of stabilizer added to it since it was chilled, as I…

Magnum Marc De Champagne Ice Cream Bars with a silver coating! - Review

Imagine my surprise when I spotted this box of silver-coated "Marc De Champagne" Magnum ice creams in Tesco recently...I wasn't expecting it at all! Magnum have already done a gold version before of course (see The Impulsive Buy's review) so I guess silver was just the next logical step. This one is to celebrate "25 Years of Pleasure", so what better way to do it than with a champagne-flavoured silver Magnum!

For £2.99 you get three Magnums which are described as "Marc de Champagne ice cream with Marc de Champagne sauce (7%), coated in milk chocolate (24%) and an outer silver colour coating (5%)". The total alcohol content is only 0.5% so don't expect to get tipsy on these!

Opening one revealed a silver Magnum with a pale, almost metallic look, which was slightly unnerving. I felt like I was about to bite into space food or something!

Taking a bite, I was met with a delicious marc de champagne flavour. It tasted subtle and didn't overpowe…

Cadbury Dairy Milk D'aim Eggs Review

Being a big fan of the Dairy Milk with D'aim bar I reviewed last year I was rather excited to see these new Dairy Milk with D'aim mini eggs in WH Smiths recently. I'll ignore the fact that it's too early for Easter yet - January is just about acceptable in my book considering they've started to bring Easter eggs out in December now (see my "Easter Eggs in December?!" rant).

For £1 the bag contained a mere 8 mini eggs which came to 86g, which is a bit of a ripoff considering a 120g block of Dairy Milk with D'aim is £1 in Poundland and other shops, and contains a considerably greater amount of both chocolate and D'aim!

What I found odd about these eggs is that instead of being solid chocolate eggs with bits of D'aim, they appeared to contain a seperate chocolate centre with the D'aim pieces in it. Since both the filling and the shell are pure chocolate I don't understand the point of this at all; perhaps they used the same egg moulds as…