Frey Chocobloc White Chocolate - Quick Review

Being a huge fan of Swiss Frey's chocolate range I was very excited when I spotted bars of this White Chocobloc on special offer at a market stall recently. I paid only 40p which is an absolute baragin for such high quality chocolate!

It's basically the same thing as white chocolate Toblerone, but in my opinion much nicer as it's less sweet and sugary and more milky and melt-in-the mouth. For a cheap chocolate the quality was excellent. The flavour of the honey made it a little bit too sweet after a few pieces but I still enjoyed it a lot, and the chopped almonds added a lovely nutty crunch. Unlike Toblerone the blocks come in unique shaped blocks:

Overall, if youre a fan of Toblerone I would definitely check this out if you see it on the cheap. Luckily, Frey seem to produce private-label chocolates for Marks and Spencer under their Swiss chocolate range so you can actually buy these in M&S. Their Swiss White Mountain Bar is identical!

RATING: 8 out of 10.

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  1. I love your blog!!! :)! Makes me hungry! So glad I found this, there's so many blogs which are outdated and no one updates anymore!


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