Nestlé Orion Banány White Chocolate - Quick Review

I've always been curious about "Banány" chocolates, even after reading Grocery Gems post on their regular version, which sounded a bit disappointing. I'm a fan of foam bananas, especially milk chocolate-coated ones such as the Donkers Choco Bananas I reviewed last year, so couldn't wait to try this white chocolate version!

Unfortunately it tasted pretty bad. It had an unpleasant texture that was kind of "crunchy", almost as though all the sugar in it had crystallized. The banana flavour was rather mild and just left the sugary jelly centre to give flavour. The white chocolate was also very mild and added little to the taste except for an extra hit of sweetness.

Overall, Nestlé Banány is an interesting idea but ultimately fails as a product. If they could get the basic taste and texture right (like the Donkers Choco Bananas) and coat it in decent quality chocolate, this would be a winner!

RATING: 4 out of 10.


  1. Thanks for the mention Kev. I've never seen this white chocolate version and I would probably be tempted to buy one despite my previous experience. Such a shame it was disappointing!


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