Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolate Review

It's taken me a while but finally I've gotten around to trying Costa's legendary Black Forest Hot Chocolate - turns out I saved the best until last! It's described by Costa as: "Costa Hot Chocolate with an added shot of Blackberry syrup and topped with cream, cherry sauce and a sprinkle of Belgian chocolate curls."

When mine arrived it had a huge pile of cream and plenty of cherry sauce on top, in fact it was dribbling down the glass there was so much of it! There were plenty of chocolate curls too making the whole thing look extremely luxurious...I couldn't wait to get stuck in!

It tasted as fantastic as it looked. The cherry sauce was sweet yet slightly tart and zingy, and made the cream taste even more luxurious. The chocolate curls added a nice crunch. When I got to the hot chocolate I started to think "Okay the best part is over now...", but I was wrong! The hot chocolate tasted just as brilliant; the blackberry syrup went with it perfectly and provided an authentic black forest flavour.

Overall, I reckon Costa have perfected Black Forest Gateaux in hot chocolate form with this drink, and as you can see from the empty glass it was deemed a huge success by Kev's Snack Reviews! :)

If you haven't tried one of these yet then you simply have to ASAP; it's by far the best drink on Costa's Christmas Menu and I hope they stick around for the rest of January!

RATING: 9 out of 10. 


  1. Looks scrumptious!! Need to find a Costa Coffee XD

  2. The Monin blackberry syrup really makes this hot chocolate special. I have to admit that I recently bought a small bottle of the syrup (from Costa) just so I can recreate it at home. It's sooo good! :)

    1. I didn't know they sold the syrup in Costa...I'll have to get some! I was surprised when I found out this drink contains blackberry syrup rather than cherry, as it tastes so much of black forest gateau!

    2. It might have just been for Christmas but they sold the little bottles of syrup rather than the huge 1 litre beasts they usually sell.

      I just wish they would sell the cherry sauce that goes on top too - then my home made hot chocolate would be perfect :)

  3. This is my second big mug as i enjoyed it so much im trying to get the sauce so my hot chocolate would be perfectly yummy at home

  4. whats the price of one

  5. Hi kev,

    Iwas wondering if you would mind me using your image of your hot chocolate. I intend to do a review and I went out to have one yesterday and in all the hustle and bustle forgot to photograph it. If this is ok I'd really apreciate it if you could email me?

    Kindest regards,
    Cole Baxter xx


  6. *I WANT ONE*!!! (or two��) Only just came across your post, so here's hoping they'll do it this season too...!

  7. *I WANT ONE*!!! (or two��) Only just came across your post, so here's hoping they'll do it this season too...!

  8. bought a bottle of the costa black cherry sauce 1ltr will be making black forest hot chocolate for the next 3 or 4 months


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