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After Eight Finest Mint Selection Box Review

Whilst in Home Bargains the other day I saw they had these After Eight selections for only £1, so naturally I couldn't resist giving them a try - they usually cost £3 so this was a real bargain indeed!

I first tried these chocolates in the mid 90's when Nestlé brought them out one Christmas, for them to never be seen again. I don't know why they discontinued them, but they must be popular once again as they've been resurrected once more!

The selection contains individually wrapped mint creams in milk, dark and white chocolate. They're leaf-shaped rather than the traditional squares of After Eights. There weren't that many in the box so I don't think the RRP of £3 is really justified. £1 seemed a fair price.

There's not a lot to say about them really...they all taste very sweet and pleasant, with the traditional After Eight flavour. The white ones were the sweetest, with a milkier mint flavour, the milk choc ones a little less, and of course the dark on…

Star Wars Roll'Ems: Solid Milk Chocolate Balls

Whilst in Asda recently I noticed these Star Wars themed chocolates in the kids sweet section. I bought them out of pure curiosity, but assumed they wouldn't taste very good. Luckily I was proven wrong and they actually tasted ok!

They're basic spheres of milk chocolate with a shellac glaze to make them shiny. The chocolate tastes pretty decent, with a nice milky flavour and melt, although it's certainly nothing spectacular. I'm not sure how they relate to Star Wars...maybe they're meant to be mini Death Stars?

Overall, for 50p these are an ok snack for kids and I'm sure they'll be very popular when the new Star Wars film is released. I bet they'll be popular with collectors too. As for the name "Roll'Ems", this is apparently because you can "shake, rattle and roll 'em" due to the shape. A bit of a tenuous link but there you go!

RATING: 7 out of 10.

Price: 50p at Asda.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contain…

The Collective Dairy Xmas Pud Yoghurt (Limited Edition) Review

I bought this "xmas pud" yoghurt from The Collective Dairy when I saw it reduced at the Co-Op recently - for 69p I couldn't say no (it usually costs over £2!). It's a mixture of live gourmet yoghurt with xmas pudding flavour "mincemeat" sauce.

The yoghurt tasted very creamy and indulgent, with a nice tang. The mincemeat sauce is very plentiful and dispersed throughout the yoghurt, which means you get a generous amount depending on where in the tub you're eating. It tastes very spicy with plenty of citrus peel and raisins, and reminded me of the filling in mince pies rather than xmas pud. This isn't a bad thing as it works well with the creamy yoghurt.

Overall, this is a very tasty seasonal yoghurt...and it's a healthier way to get your xmas pud & mince pie fix over the festive season!

RATING: 8 out of 10. 

Price: I paid 69p but I've seen them for as much as £2.40 in some shops.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contains d…

Moser Roth Plum & Cinnamon Chocolate (Limited Edition) Review

There hasn't been many exciting seasonal chocolates this year, hence I haven't had many to review. However when I learnt of the new seasonal Limited Editions available at Aldi recently I just had to try them! There's this Plum & Cinnamon flavour, plus Apple Strudel and Pear varieties.

The Plum & Cinnamon variety is described as "Five individually wrapped bars of milk chocolate with a lightly whipped mousse filling, with a plum and cinnamon flavoured topping". It's a similar concept to the Panna Cotta Moser Roth bars I've reviewed previously, with a gooey plum layer above the smooth cream.

The chocolate tasted very nice, if a little bit sweet. Initially I got hints of summer fruits, but as I let the chocolate melt on my tongue, subtle hints of cinnamon started to emerge. If I were doing a blind taste test I would never guess this was plum flavour; it just tastes generically fruity, but it works well with the cinnamon and milk cream and makes for a…

Milka & Daim Ice Cream Review

Whilst in a local discount frozen food store recently I spotted some tubs of Milka ice cream. I've already tried the UK Daim Ice Cream but wondered if this version with Milka might be different. It certainly looked it; it contains a marbled effect with chocolate ice cream with Daim pieces and vanilla ice cream with Daim pieces.

The texture of the ice cream was rather light and moussey, as oppposed to the more dense ice creams from the likes of Haggen Dazs or Ben and Jerry's. It reminded me of Carte D'or.

It tasted very nice...and surprisingly, I found the vanilla portion to be the nicest part. The creaminess complimented the crunchy Daim pieces perfectly, whereas they got a bit lost in the chocolatey flavour of the chocolate portion.

Overall, this was a very tasty ice cream and one that's very easy to eat thanks to the soft texture. I actually preferred it over the UK's Daim Ice Cream. This one appears to be made in Germany and imported so isn't widely availab…

Marks and Spencer Dulce De Leche Chocolate Review

When all the new Xmas goodies came out in Marks and Spencer this was the one that intrigued me most. I thought it was some kind of "blonde chocolate" in a similar vein to Valhrona Dulcey, and going by the description on the pack this is a fair assumption: "dulce de leche caramel flavour white and milk chocolate, for the perfect caramel taste experience".

Unfortunately it's not quite the same thing at all, and I was left feeling a bit short-changed!

Opening the wrapper revealed a beige-coloured square block with different sized segments. This is a nice idea as it gives you lots of different sized pieces to choose from.

Unfortunately the taste wasn't upto much. It's basically a sweet, milky white chocolate with a slight hint of caramel. Nothing strong or anything that stands out. The dried milk flavour was the most dominant aspect of the bar and I couldn't taste much else. I was left feeling unsatisfied, a little ill from the large quantity of sugar …

Sainsbury's Chocolate Treats Review

Whilst in Sainsbury's recently I noticed they had their own chocolate selection to rival Cadbury Roses and Quality Street. This is a bold move, since they're in the same price range; in fact, they actually cost £1 more. So naturally I expected them to taste just as good or even better in quality... which shouldn't have been too difficult, since both Roses and Quality Street are not good quality any more!

Unfortunately they turned out to be very poor. The plain box design set the tone, and the wrappers were all shiny and gauche - the sort of thing you would serve up at a cheap Christmas party. I knew these were going to be disappointing as soon as I set eyes on them!

Below are my thoughts on each flavour...

Honeycomb Truffle:

A bland, overly sweet truffle with poor quality chocolate. Not much else to say about it really!

Strawberry Creme:

This chocolate was okay and gave a very sweet, artificial strawberry hit. It has a thin layer of strawberry "jam" in the centre …

Cadbury Winter Wonderland Minis: Xmas Tree Shaped Ice Creams! (Limited Edition)

Hey everyone...I'm back! I've had an extended blogging break recently due to life getting in the way, but hopefully, I'll be bringing a few Kev-style stocking fillers for you all in the run-up to Christmas! :)

When I saw these Christmas Tree shaped ice creams in a local Tesco Express recently, naturallyI just had to pick them up. I first reviewed the Winter Wonderland Dairy Milk bar last year and loved the idea of it...and now it seems Cadbury have seen fit to extend it into ice cream format.

How does it compare to the bar? Well, its not quite as great to be honest...

It's a nice idea poorly executed. Christmas-tree-shaped ice creams sounds great, fun, cute and novel, but unfortunately Cadbury must have used duff moulds - either that or they were trying to cut corners and used Poundland moulds - they look, quite frankly, pathetic! Not like something you would expect from a household name like Cadbury (or should that be Mondelez!) There's nothing wrong with Poundla…