Marks and Spencer Dulce De Leche Chocolate Review

When all the new Xmas goodies came out in Marks and Spencer this was the one that intrigued me most. I thought it was some kind of "blonde chocolate" in a similar vein to Valhrona Dulcey, and going by the description on the pack this is a fair assumption: "dulce de leche caramel flavour white and milk chocolate, for the perfect caramel taste experience".

Unfortunately it's not quite the same thing at all, and I was left feeling a bit short-changed!

Opening the wrapper revealed a beige-coloured square block with different sized segments. This is a nice idea as it gives you lots of different sized pieces to choose from.

Unfortunately the taste wasn't upto much. It's basically a sweet, milky white chocolate with a slight hint of caramel. Nothing strong or anything that stands out. The dried milk flavour was the most dominant aspect of the bar and I couldn't taste much else. I was left feeling unsatisfied, a little ill from the large quantity of sugar and annoyed at paying 4 quid for what amounts to basic white chocolate with a slight caramel flavour.

I hate to be such a scrooge, and certainly wouldn't complain for the sake of it...but this is simply a disappointing bar of chocolate - don't be fooled into thinking it's anything special! Overall I would avoid this, although if you're curious I'm sure they'll be slashed in price after Christmas...

RATING: 6 out of 10. 

Price: £4.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contains milk and soya.
Recommend?: No, although if you're curious look out for the inevitable price reductions after Christmas!


  1. You are my favourite food blogger because you give the most harsh reviews. I agree this looks very expensive and I can imagine the taste, far too sweet.

    1. Haah I dont like being harsh...but some things really deserve it!

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