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Cadbury Strawberry & Peppermint Freddo's Review

Last Christmas Cadbury UK chose to release the very boring "Freddo Popping Candy" as a limited edition. Why they chose this flavour I will never know, especially when countries like Australia get lots of interesting Freddo varieties all year round - flavours like Strawberry, Mint, Hundreds & Thousands, Rice Crisps, Crunchie, Dream White Chocolate, Pineapple, Milky Top, etc!

Luckily Strawberry and Mint Freddos are now available in the UK thanks to the fantastic Monster Sweets, for a very reasonable 70p. Hurrah! (plus they sell the awesome Aussie biscuits Tim Tams!) Below are my thoughts on each flavour...

Freddo Peppermint:

This Freddo looks like any other Freddo on the outside... until you cut him open to reveal his gooey green froggy innards!

The peppermint filling oozed out and was very green indeed, with a strong minty aroma. Taste-wise it was pleasantly minty and of course very sweet. Combined with the milk chocolate it went really well, although I have to say the ch…

Ritter Sport Baiser Nuss (Meringue Nuts) Review

Many thanks to Monster Sweets for sending me this new bar from Ritter Sports Spring 2014 range to review. It's called "Baiser Nuss" ("Meringue Nuts" in English) and contains roasted hazelnuts and meringue pieces - a different but tasty take on hazelnut chocolate!

Removing the wrapper revealed a deliciously rich aroma with some strong woody hazelnut notes. It smelled very inviting indeed!

Taking a bite I was first met with the creamy Ritter Sport chocolate. As always it was very rich with a nice level of milkiness, and better quality than the average UK milk chocolate bar. It contains 30% cocoa solids which explains the high quality. The hazelnuts were fresh and crunchy, adding a lovely woody, savoury taste. The meringue pieces were very sweet but worked well with the hazelnuts. It was all very moreish and crunchy and made me think of Ferrero Rocher in bar form!

Overall this is yet another delicious variety from Ritter Sport. It's an unusual one since merin…

Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles Blue & White Chocolate Bar - Review

I was very excited to find this bar on a local market stall recently. I'm a big fan of bubblegum cola bottles, they're perhaps even nicer than classic cola bottles, so a bar based on them sounded like a great idea! The cola bottles are embedded in a slab of half white and half blue coloured chocolate, which looks really cool - I don't think I've ever seen blue chocolate before!

As snazzy as the bar looked, I wasn't all that excited once I sniffed it. I always mention the smell of chocolate in my reviews and with good reason - you can often tell a good chocolate by its aroma! This one smelled of...well, rotten milk.

I broke off a piece with a bit of cola bottle stuck to it and took a bite. The cola bottle was just as nice as I remember - sour and tangy with an unmistakable bubblegum flavour. The chocolate unfortunately was pretty bad - it was extremely cheap tasting and seemed rather stale, like the milk had gone off or something. It was horrible...infact I needed …

Milka Alpine Milk Yoghurt Review (Polish version)

I had resigned myself to never being able to enjoy Polish Milka bars; they're usually too sweet or artificial tasting. But again I decided to give one of their bars a go whilst browsing my local import store. I've never really tried many chocolates containing yogurt except the Ritter Sport Olympia, so thought I would take a chance on this one. I'm glad I did, because it turned out to be one of the nicer Polish Milka bars I've tried in a while.

In a nutshell, the yoghurt filling is nicely creamy with a pleasant yoghurty tang, but not overpoweringly so. It blends well with the sweet alpine milk chocolate and makes this a simple yet creamy tasting chocolate bar.

Overall, nothing groundbreaking, but it's a simple combination that works and if you like the tanginess of yoghurt with chocolate then I'd recommend giving this a try! They're available in most Polish stores.

RATING: 7.5 out of 10. 

Nestlé Kitkat Chunky Orange (Limited Edition) Review

When Nestlé announced the launch of this new Kitkat Chunky flavour my reaction was a bit "meh" since they've already done it before, plus it exists in a small finger multipack format. However I've come round to the idea after realizing there's not a lot of orange chocolate bars on the market, aside from Terry's Chocolate Orange. It's always nice to have extra variety when you're a fan of orangey chocolate!

This bar combines the much-loved thick crispy wafer with a sweet orange flavoured milk chocolate. It's split into three portions like all Kikat Chunky's, which kind of spoils the aesthetic in my opinion. When Kitkat Chunky was first launched in the 90's it was just one long wafer finger, hence the name "Chunky". There was none of this "split into portions" nonsense that we have now! I supposed Nestlé had to do this to comply with some silly food regulations so I'll let them off.

Taste-wise it was very nice indeed…

Fini Chicle Camel Balls & Zed Pus Balls: Rude Bubble Gum Review!

Oh, the think, these sweets have been sold to children! Yes, according to The Mirror this rude bubble gum caused outrage with a mother when her daughter innocently bought "Camel Balls" from a local newsagent.

Of course we all know why these are amusing so I really needn't explain anything. But... what do camel balls taste like? (something I'm sure we've all wondered at some point?!)

Opening the wrapper revealed...

...a single, brown camel ball that looked a bit like a mini egg. Cutting it in half (ouch!) revealed...

...gooey red liquid!

Unfortunately the bubble gum wasn't all that tasty, and certainly won't be converting me to the delights of camel balls any time soon! It tasted slightly cheap and had an odd coconut flavour, with the red filling tasting sweet but of very little.

Overall though, these are an interesting novelty and worth buying for the rude wrapper! I'm constantly seeing wrappers for these on the pavements where I liv…

Spotted In Shops! - Ritz Breaks, New Müller Corners, Chicken & Herb Pringles, One Direction Biscuits, etc...

A few more new products I've seen whilst out shopping recently...

Cadbury Crunchie Minis Ice Creams

Contains Crunchie flavour ice cream with a Crunchie chocolate coating - available at Asda and other supermarkets.

Ritz Breaks Rosemary & Olive Oil

New Ritz crackers in a handy "breaks" format. Available at Asda.

Müller Corner Apple & Pear - Voted by You

New "voted by you" apple & pear flavour Müller Corner. Available at Asda.

Müller Corner Dessert Inspired Banoffee Pie Yogurt

And a "dessert inspired" banoffee pie Müller Corner - because you can never have enough banoffee pie variations! Also at Asda.

Müller Corner Greek Style Mango & Passionfruit

Completing the trio of new Müller Corners is this Greek Style Mango & Passionfruit flavour. Also at Asda.

Nestlé Ski Smooth Coconut Yogurt - Limited Edition

Limited edition low fat Ski coconut flavour yogurts, also at Asda.

Nestlé Aero Orange & Choc Bubbly Mousse - Limited Edition

A limited edition…

Cadbury Roses Pots of Joy Strawberry Dream Review

Whilst in Morrisons over the weekend I spotted these new Cadbury Roses Pots of Joy. I couldn't quite believe it - this is the first time Cadbury have used the Strawberry Dream from Roses in a different product! They're described as "A layer of smooth & creamy dessert with melted Cadbury milk chocolate and a layer of Strawberry flavour fondant". The pack contained 2 pots with foil lids.

Peeling the lid off one revealed an upper chocolate layer with a larger amount of strawberry fondant below:

The chocolate layer tasted similar to Dairy Milk Pots of Joy - very creamy and smooth, but perhaps a tad sweeter. The fondant layer had a strong strawberry flavour which replicated the filling from Roses Strawberry Dream very well - meaning it's very sweet! It also reminded me of the Dairy Milk Strawberries & Creme bars from last Summer - slightly yogurty. The combination was very nice and made for a lovely sweet treat, although it was a bit of a sugar rush all at on…

Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix-Ups Cherry Cola Fizz Dessert (Limited Edition) - Review

I've been on the lookout for the new Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix-Ups desserts for ages so was glad to finally track one down in Sainsbury's this weekend. Oddly, I couldn't find the "fruity jelly popping candy" variety that was apparently launched last month.

The "mix-up" consists of "smooth and creamy dessert made with melted Cadbury Milk Chocolate, with a side of cherry flavour candy cereal balls, fizzy cola flavour jellies & milk chocolate coated cereal clusters". A very unique combination indeed!

Peeling off the lid revealed the chocolate dessert and sweets mixture in separate sections, rather like a Müller Corner:

The sweets mixture had a pleasant cherry aroma, with a slight cola tang in there too. I tipped it into the chocolate dessert as instructed.

Mixing it with the dessert resulted in a lumpy, chocolatey mass that didn't look all that appetizing, to be honest!

The dessert tasted sweet and creamy and pretty much the same as Dair…