Nestlé Kitkat Chunky Orange (Limited Edition) Review

kitkat chunky orange limited edition

When Nestlé announced the launch of this new Kitkat Chunky flavour my reaction was a bit "meh" since they've already done it before, plus it exists in a small finger multipack format. However I've come round to the idea after realizing there's not a lot of orange chocolate bars on the market, aside from Terry's Chocolate Orange. It's always nice to have extra variety when you're a fan of orangey chocolate!

kitkat chunky orange limited edition

This bar combines the much-loved thick crispy wafer with a sweet orange flavoured milk chocolate. It's split into three portions like all Kikat Chunky's, which kind of spoils the aesthetic in my opinion. When Kitkat Chunky was first launched in the 90's it was just one long wafer finger, hence the name "Chunky". There was none of this "split into portions" nonsense that we have now! I supposed Nestlé had to do this to comply with some silly food regulations so I'll let them off.

kitkat chunky orange limited edition

Taste-wise it was very nice indeed. The orangey chocolate was rather light and refreshing, which made a nice change for me because I find Terry's Chocolate Oranges a bit sickly and overpowering these days. I much preferred it. It's still very sweet; of course, since it's Nestlé chocolate, but it works. The wafer was as crunchy and delicious as ever, proving that nothing beats Kitkat when it comes to wafer bars.

Overall I thought this was a tasty limited edition that makes a pleasant change from a regular Kitkat Chunky. I do think Nestlé could have been a bit more adventurous and tried a different flavour though - something like strawberry, lemon or passionfruit would be a lot more interesting!

RATING: 7 out of 10. 

Price: 60p at Sainsbury's Local.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contains wheat, gluten, milk, soya.
Nutrition (per bar): 245 Calories, 12.1g Fat, 30.8g Carbs, 25.6g Sugar.


  1. I find the orange flavour (at least with the 2 finger multipack versions) wears off eventually as I get used to the taste, and I sort of forget that it was orange flavoured chocolate in the first place. I would definately pick up this over a regular chunky - I find plain kit kats a little bland and boring.

  2. Omg I soooo need to try this. Just wish Nestle would hurry up and bring back the kit kat caramac and cappucinno aero!! They were amazing


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