Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix-Ups Cherry Cola Fizz Dessert (Limited Edition) - Review

I've been on the lookout for the new Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix-Ups desserts for ages so was glad to finally track one down in Sainsbury's this weekend. Oddly, I couldn't find the "fruity jelly popping candy" variety that was apparently launched last month.

The "mix-up" consists of "smooth and creamy dessert made with melted Cadbury Milk Chocolate, with a side of cherry flavour candy cereal balls, fizzy cola flavour jellies & milk chocolate coated cereal clusters". A very unique combination indeed!

Peeling off the lid revealed the chocolate dessert and sweets mixture in separate sections, rather like a Müller Corner:

The sweets mixture had a pleasant cherry aroma, with a slight cola tang in there too. I tipped it into the chocolate dessert as instructed.

Mixing it with the dessert resulted in a lumpy, chocolatey mass that didn't look all that appetizing, to be honest!

The dessert tasted sweet and creamy and pretty much the same as Dairy Milk Pots of Joy. Combined with the sweets mixture it all tasted a bit odd, to say the least. The cola jellies and cherry cereal added a nice fruity tang, but they were a little artificial tasting and didn't really work with the chocolate. The clusters were tasty enough, and brought a nice crunch to the dessert. I do think this is an interesting idea from Cadbury, and there's certainly no other desserts like this on the market, but somehow it didn't quite work.

Overall, I think it's great that Cadbury are trying new things with the Marvellous Creations range, and they've come up with some interesting stuff so far, but this isn't for me. I would've preferred coconut, cherries and nuts instead of the sweets. This is one for the kids I think!

RATING: 7 out of 10.

Price: 78p a pot at Sainsbury's.
Suitable for vegetarians?: No. 
Allergy Information: Contains wheat, gluten, milk & soya. May contain nuts.
Nutrition (per pot): 240 Calories, 11.3g Fat, 30g Carbs, 25.8g Sugars.

Have you tried this dessert? If so what did you think of the combination?


  1. Hey Kev, nice review as always. This looks like an Asda dealio, yeah? I haven't found these in Tesco or Morrisons...

    1. Thanks Tommy, I found it in Sainsbury's but Waitrose have it too.

  2. Can't wait to try this, but I do love your idea of coconut, cherries and nuts!

    1. Thanks Hannah..I'm surprised Cadbury haven't done a coconut combination yet to be honest!

    2. Yeah that's true. There is not enough coconut out there!

  3. Maybe someone is listening

  4. I bought one of these from my local Co-Op earlier and the jellies had a rather nice fizz to them.

  5. Thanks for the review - saved me some coins! Cadbury's is definitely my favourite chocolate, but I'm finding these desserts too sickly by far... maybe a mousse, or dark chocolate/Bournville would be better? And gotta agree - a coconut version sounds heavenly, would be clicking multiples!!! Are you listening, Mr & Mrs Cadbury? ;)


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