Ben & Jerry's Clever Cookies

Ben & Jerry's UK seem to have gone a bit mad, and have added three new flavours to their range all at once. Last week saw the release of the Peanut Butter Me Up Core which I reviewed here, and the Blondie Brownie Core reviewed here by The Review Addict.

They've also released this "Clever Cookies" flavour in their regular range, described as: "Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate cookie swirl, double chocolate cookies and chocolate chip cookies". According to the tub, this flavour was created to support the 5 winners of Ben & Jerry's sustainable business competition, who they have dubbed "clever cookies". These guys have come up with some new models for sustainable business, which is what B&J's are all about. Respect to them for that.

Onto the ice cream then. Ripping the lid off the tub, I was met with a strong vanilla aroma, and the ice cream had a lovely chocolatey swirled look:

I'll get straight to the tasted delicious! I love cookies and ice cream, and Cookie Dough is one of my favorite Ben & Jerry's flavours, but this was perhaps even better because not only do you get some lovely chewy regular cookie pieces, you also get the double chocolate cookie pieces. They were buttery, chewy and delicious. The ice cream had that distinctive vanilla flavour you usually get from B&J's and the chocolate cookie swirl added a nice chocolatey kick to it. All the flavours worked together perfectly and had a nice contrast between creamy, chewy and chocolatey.

It surprised me just how large some of the cookie pieces were. Usually in ice cream you get little crumbs of cookie, but these looked like they started off life as actual cookies, albeit mini ones. I fished a few out of the ice cream, which you can see here:

And for the close-up:

Overall, this is a delicious new flavour from B&J's. I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I first read the description, because Ben & Jerry's already produce a few different cookie-based ice creams, so this didn't sound all that new or exciting. Sometimes simpler combinations work the best though, and cookies and ice cream are just made for each other. If you're a fan of the combination I would highly recommend this!

Price: £4.49 at Sainsbury's
Nutritional facts: Contains milk, eggs, gluten & soya.


  1. I absolutely love the sound of all three of these new flavours! It's going to be hard to choose which to get first :-)

    1. Haha indeed! I like the sound of the Brownies one, although I haven't actually tried it yet. Hoping it'll be as good as this!

  2. Great review Kev and thanks for the mention. HAVE to try this!

  3. Got a tub of this today on discount in Costcutters for £2.99 I tried some then put it back in the freezer, it lasted about 5 minutes before I went & polished of the lot.

    Call me satisfied..

  4. Bought some of this tonight and although it is very tasty I feel there are too many cookie based b&j ice creams and not enough nut based ones. Fairly nuts was mu favourite until it disappeared :(

  5. I did not like this flavour at all. It's the only B&Js flavour I have tried that I do not like. I just didn't find the cookies very tasty.


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