Walkers Tiger Nuts - Masala Curry, Smoky Bacon, Salt & Vinegar, Sweet Chilli

After hearing about these new Walkers Tiger Nuts via a press release the other day, I was very surprised to find them whilst "on the prowl" (heh heh) in Asda. They're a new range of flavoured peanuts from Walkers with a stripy-patterned crunchy coating, which looks similar to the stripy crust you usually see on Tiger Bread.

The range has 4 flavours: Masala Curry, Smoky Bacon, Salt & Vinegar, and Sweet Chilli. They're currently all on offer for £1 per 130g pack at Asda.

I love the packaging design; it's really funky and eye-catching! The word "Tiger Nuts" doubles up as a tigers face which I think is a really cool idea.

The theme of Tiger Nuts is of course all about tigers, from the patterned shell on the nuts, to the packaging design, and even the descriptions on the packs: Purrrrfect smoky bacon, Fearless salt and vinegar, Exotic sweet chilli, Mighty masala curry. The slogan on the front is "Attack the pack!", with scratch marks doubling up as exclamation marks.

Here are my thoughts on each of the flavours individually:

Masala Curry
These have a golden yellow shell. The curry flavour is very nice, with hints of coriander, cumin and chilli. Very addictive; this was my favourite flavour of the bunch!

Smoky Bacon

These have a pink-tinged shell. The bacon flavour is very salty and rich, the kind you usually get with smoky bacon flavour crisps. Combined with the peanuts it was very moriesh and addictive. These were my second favourite flavour.

Salt & Vinegar

These ones have a pale golden shell. The flavour is both sharp and salty as you would expect, but I thought it was a bit overbearing and didn't really work with the peanuts. This was my least favourite flavour.

Sweet Chilli
These had an orange-tinged shell. The flavour was nice and spicy but balanced out with the sweetness, which made them very addictive and easy to eat. These are tied with smoky bacon as my second favourite flavour.

A lone Tiger Nut
Overall, I think Tiger Nuts are an excellent product. Great design and branding, interesting concept, fun, and most importantly, tasty! I reckon these might just be a big hit in the snacking world, and it certainly sounds like Walkers expect them to be judging by the press releases. 

I had to laugh at the barcode on the pack - it's been made to look like grass with a tiger popping his head up, saying "Suitable for vegetarians":

Price: £1 at Asda.
Nutritional facts/ingredients: Contains Nuts, Wheat, Gluten, Milk, Soya. No artificial preservatives or colours and no MSG. Suitable for vegetarians. 

What did you think of Walkers Tiger Nuts? Please let me know in the comments!


  1. Great find Kev. I'll definitely look out for your top two favourites :)

  2. Salt and vinegar peanuts? I'm going to have to find those!

  3. Nice! I love this style of nut and the salt and vinegar ones do sound rather awesome.

    I really love the design of the packaging, it kinds of reminds me of those Esso t-shirts everyone used to have back in the day lol.

  4. Love the nutty flavours but KP's Jumbo
    salt & vinegar and spicy chilli peanuts are still my favourite!

  5. Hello :) to those who haven't yet tried these i really must protest that you rush to the shop now and buy a pack! Mmmmm they are delicious these nuts are truly scrumptious, eating a packet now of my favourite flavour of these which is smokey bacon. They have just the right amount of cruchiness as i find with alot of coated nuts like these are too hard but they are just perfect. They are so tasty no words can describe how yummy they are Mmmm. I will certainly use these at all partys and events from now on. Now i really must get back to my tiger nuts before someone else does hehe!

    1. Haha! Yes they are certainly a great snack for parties.

  6. Are these essentially just Nobbys Nuts but made by Walkers?

  7. I enjoyed these nobbys nu... Oops I mean tiger nuts. As big nuts go, they certainly rule the forest. I will be clawing them off the shelf again soon. They're grrrrreat. They've earnt their stripes.


  8. Seen them advertised in the current issue of Sainsbury's in-store magazine as being on sale for £1 between 1st -21st May but my local store doesn't stock them. Was looking forward to sinking my claws into a pack of Smoky Bacon.

  9. I too found these delights in Asda. I am particularly fond of the Curry ones. In fact I would say 'Damn you Walkers for producing such an addictive snack!' Dare I try the sweet chilli?

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  12. I know no one will probably ever see this but have they been discontinued now?


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