Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate Sachet Review

After hearing about the new Wispa hot chocolate via Twitter I knew it was something I had to seek out; I'm a sucker for products like this! Rumour had it that Tesco was the first to stock it so I made it my mission to go there and track some down.

I've tried Aero hot chocolate before and thought this might be a similar kind of thing. I've never liked Aero hot chocolate though, it just doesn't taste chocolatey enough to me.

Thankfully this Wispa hot chocolate did; it had that unmistakable signature Cadbury chocolate taste and was very creamy and frothy. I stirred it well to "release the bubbles", as instructed on the pack, and the froth did actually resemble the centre of a Wispa bar, as you can hopefully see in this pic (and yes, that is a chicken you can see on the side of the cup!) :

Next time I think I will buy the larger jar version (reviewed here by Grocery Gems), and use a few extra teaspoons of powder because the small sachet wasn't quite enough for my large cup.

Overall, a tasty, bubbly instant hot chocolate from Cadbury. I hope they bring out a Wispa Gold version too! (Or Mint..)

Writing this has reminded me of a product Cadbury brought out years consisted of a sachet of hot chocolate with a portion of Crunchie nuggets, which you dropped into the hot chocolate. They were very tasty. I haven't seen them on shelves for a while now, can anyone remember what they were called?

Price: 36p per sachet or £2.79 for a jar at Tesco.
Nutritional facts: Contains milk and soya.


  1. Thanks for the mention Kev. I've definitely been adding a few extra spoonfuls so I think jars are the way to go :-)

    I'd love to see different versions of this Wispa Hot Choc too!

    1. Most welcome :)

      Rather than just flavoured hot choc, wouldn't it be cool if they did a Wispa Gold hot choc with a little pot of caramel (like those pots of cream you get in cafes) that you can tip into it? I hope Cadbury are reading this!

  2. I saw it at a gift shop (but just the large jar), thought I'd try it at a later time and now they don't have it anymore...

  3. personally i would not bother with the jar/pot of this. I had to use over 6 teaspoons which was half the pot. Even so it still tasted more like sugary water than anything remotely chocolatey. Save yourself £3 and just melt some chocolate and add milk!


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