Hershey's Mint Candy Cane Bar with Candy Bits Review

When I saw this new seasonal Hershey bar in a local department store recently I just had to give it a try, despite the fact I'm not really a fan of Hershey's chocolate in general. It's a white chocolate candy bar that also contains mint candy cane "bits", which sounded like a tasty combination!

Opening the wrapper revealed a thin white bar split into sections with the Hershey's name printed on. There were speckles of red candy cane visible throughout the chocolate, which I thought looked really pretty against the white background:

The "white candy" is basically a concoction of vegetable fat, milk fat and corn starch which tasted quite mild and milky, with a pleasant sweet peppermint flavour. It wasn't quite as good as "real" white chocolate but it was a nice carrier for the candy cane bits. They had a pleasant minty crunch to them, and all the flavours worked together really well to make a creamy, minty bar that was very moreish!

Overall, this is a tasty seasonal bar which fits the Christmas theme perfectly, and if you're a fan of white chocolate you should definitely give it a try! I don't know it's been out before in the US; it was recently featured on The Impulsive Buy but it's not clear if it's new or not. If anyone has more info please do get in touch via the comments!

RATING: 8 out of 10.

Price: £1.50 for a 43g bar (also available in a larger bar).
Allergy Information: Contains milk and soya.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Doesn't state on packaging.


  1. This looks absolutely amazing !!! I wish we had more peppermint chocolate of a Christmas time, great review :)


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