Thorntons Special Toffee Apple Crumble Slab Review

A big thankyou to Thorntons for sending me three varieties from their new Special Toffee Slabs range to review recently. They include Tutti Frutti and Chocolate Brownie, but as it's nearly Bonfire Night I thought I'd start with the Apple Crumble variety since toffee and apples have long been associated with Bonfire Night!

The toffee is a huge 250g slab and is described as "Apple flavoured toffee decorated with biscuit crumble and dried apple slices", and comes in cardboard packaging with a clear plastic window. The blurb on the pack says: "Whack, eat, enjoy - we think it's good fun smashing and eating our toffee - little bits, big bits, some so big we can't speak. Simply keep your toffee cool, then smash it by dropping, hitting or even whacking it with a rolling pin (our favourite). Then after smashing, just leave it in your room and tuck in whenever you like".

A rolling pin seemed a bit too girly to me, so I decided to be all macho and use a hammer instead:

Whacking it produced lots of uneven sized chunks, giving a very rustic old-fashioned feel:

It tasted delicious. The toffee had a very strong fruity apple flavour, but was also very rich and buttery. I was surprised by just how strong the apple flavour was infact. The dried apple pieces and crumble topping added a nice bit of crunch, although there was a distinct lack of crumble. I would've liked more of it, after all this is supposed to be apple crumble toffee! Nevertheless it was still very tasty, and I liked the texture of the toffee after it had been refrigerated - it was very crunchy. It was also very nice at room temperature, as it softened and became more chewy and buttery.

Overall, this is a delicious and novel toffee which I would recommend to toffee lovers. There's plenty of it to share out and it has a nice old-fashioned rustic feel, so I think it would be a perfect snack for Bonfire Night!

Thorntons Special Toffee Slabs are available from Thorntons stores or their website HERE.

Price: £5.99.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contains milk. May contain nuts & egg. Crumble topping appears to be gluten-free and is made with a mix of buckwheat and rice flours.

RATING: 8 out of 10. 

Please stay tuned for my reviews of Chocolate Brownie and Tutti Frutti Special Toffee Slabs from Thorntons!

*I was sent this product for an honest review and all opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. Yummy my fav, thanks for posting this recipe, looks easy to make to.



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