Brain Blasterz Mega Sour Candy Review

When I was sent these Brain Blasterz sour sweets from Bon Bon Buddies recently I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I've tried Toxic Waste sour sweets in the past which were extremely sour indeed, but I wasn't sure if these would be milder or more sour in comparison. Turns out theyre insanely sour!

The sweets come in 4 different flavours: watermelon, apple, blueberry and lemon. Each one is individually wrapped.

Popping one in my mouth I wasn't quite prepared for the crazy sourness that was unleashed...I practically had a fit it was so sour! It had an almost salty edge to it too, which was extremely weird. After a while the sourness died away and left a sweeter, more pleasant-tasting fruity lemon sweet in my mouth. It was quite a roller coaster ride but I'm glad I stuck it out, rather than spat it out! (as my friend did...)

Since my first "brain blast" I've been using Brain Blasterz to prank unsuspecting friends and family by telling them they're regular fruit sweets, and the results have been very amusing indeed - most people screwed up their faces and couldn't handle them at all! It's made for some very funny moments!

Once again a big thankyou to Brain Blasterz for sending me these sweets - they're a lot of fun!

RRP: 99p.

RATING: 8 out of 10 for novelty and fun.

WARNING: Not for babies, wimps or adults! (from

Have you tried Brain Blasterz? Were they too much for you?! Let me know in the comments!

*I was sent these sweets for an honest review and all opinions expressed are my own. 


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