Nestlé Quality Street Honeycomb Matchmakers (New Flavour!) - Review

When I first saw this new flavour of Yummy Honeycomb Matchmakers in my local Premier store I wasn't all that excited. Mainly because they've already been out years ago, but also because my experience with Nestlé's Honeycomb Yorkie was so disappointing. Luckily these Matchmakers turned out to be very tasty in comparison, and surprised me by tasting of actual honeycomb!

They're described on the box as "Honeycomb flavour chocolates with skimmed milk chocolate, dark chocolate and boiled sugar pieces" and weigh 130g.

Opening the box revealed a paper lid with a Matchmakers game that involves spotting various things on TV. I quickly disposed of it though as I was only interested in the chocolates! They smelled very rich and chocolatey, with a strong honeycomb aroma.

Biting into a stick I was met with a very sweet honeycomb flavour, which had a nice crunch from the boiled sugar pieces. The chocolates were very sweet, yet also quite rich tasting thanks to the dark chocolate. Needless to say they were extremely moreish! Once I started eating I couldn't stop; one stick led to another, which led to another...and so on! Luckily there were plenty in the box!

Overall, these may not be the poshest or most sophisticated chocolates around, but when you want something crunchy to nibble on whilst watching TV they fit the bill perfectly! They're also a nice alternative for those who don't like the Orange and Mint Matchmakers varieties.

Price: £1.25 at Premier Stores on promotional offer. They're also £1.25 at Tesco until 26th November. RRP is £2.50.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contains milk.
Nutrition (per 4 sticks): 72 Calories, 3.1g Fat, 10.2g Carbs.

RATING: 8 out of 10.

Did you know?
Matchmakers have done lots of different varieties over the years, such as Blackcurrant (they tasted awful!), Strawberry (which contained black pepper flavoured sugar pieces), Lemon, Cappuccino, Christmas Orange Spice, Nutty, Coffee, Irish Cream, Brandysnap and White Chocolate!


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  2. Disgusting. Ordered orange flavour and tesco sent honeycomb instead. I bit into one and immediately tasted what could be a coffee flavour of which I am very allergic to. My boyfriend thought it was coffee too. Not eating the rest they will go in the bin


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