Nestlé Big Turk - Canadian Turkish Delight Bar Review

Amongst the goodies The Canada Shop recently sent me was this "Big Turk" bar, a turkish delight bar made by the Canadian arm of Nestlé. Being a fan of turkish delight chocolates ever since I was a kid I was very excited to try it, more so because it looked like a pretty substantial bar in comparison to the small bars of Fry's Turkish Delight we get here in the UK.

The bar has a rather interesting curved shape, and is perfectly portioned to bite off into small chunks:

The wrapper advertises the fact that this bar contains 60% less fat than an average chocolate bar, although I'm not sure what they're comparing it to, and besides... "less fat" doesn't mean anything if it doesn't taste any good!

Taste-wise the milk chocolate coating is standard Nestlé milk chocolate - slightly milky but nothing amazing. The turkish delight filling, which as you can hopefully see from my pics has a bright pink colour, is very thick and chewy, with a vague hint of rose flavouring. It's very sweet, and tastes more like a hard gummy candy than turkish delight. It was far too chewy...I felt like I was like eating gummy bears coated in chocolate (not as nice as it sounds!)

Overall, as interesting as this bar is in appearance it let me down in taste. It's just far too chewy; if they had made the texture slightly softer and added a stronger turkish delight flavour I think I'd have enjoyed it a lot more. Still, it's an interesting novelty for sure and don't let me put you off trying one - I'm notoriously fussy!

RATING: 6.5 out of 10.

Do take a moment to check out The Canada Shop's range of groceries and snacks. They have a particularly nice looking selection of maple syrups, as well as various Cadbury and Nestlé bars we can't get here in the UK! 

*I was sent this bar for an honest review and all opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. These are highly variable in terms of chewiness. It seems to be a function of inconsistency in manufacture, but it might have something to do with "aging." I'm not certain, but it seems that if the chocolate coating is not perfect, the bar is likely to be more chewy.
    I like the sort of "midgrade" consistency most of the time, though sometimes I get a hankering for one that needs to be held down with one foot as I gnaw on it.
    Decades ago I thought they tasted awful. I rather like them now. I have no idea whether the consumer or the consumee has changed.


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