Walkers Roast Chicken & Heinz Mayonnaise Crisps

Walkers recently unleashed a new range of sandwich inspired crisps upon the public...and I've alreday tried the unusual but tasty Cucumber, Cheese and Salad Cream variety as well as Ham and Mustard. This time around I just had to go for Chicken and Mayo, as I've always loved Walkers Chicken flavour crisps since I was a kid. I was curious what the addition of mayonaise flavouring would bring to the mix...

Well, turns out it doesn't add much flavour-wise to these crisps. They taste pretty similar to regular Walkers Chicken flavour crisps, but perhaps with a creamier, sweeter edge. It's not particularly obvious but I suppose I can see how it's suppsoed to be chicken and mayonnaise flavour. They're nice, but nothing that stands out amongst the other flavours in the range.

Stay tuned for my review of the Sausage and Brown Sauce variety...I may even give the Bacon & Ketchup ones a go too!

7.5 out of 10.


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