Toblerone Crispy Coconut (Duty Free) Review

So recently I just happened to be at the airport, and usually I don't expect to see much of interest at duty free, but for once my eyes met with something of pure beauty: Coconut Toblerone. It was love at first sight! This is one of the snacks I've dreamed of trying ever since I heard of its existence, since I love anything and everything coconutty. Not only did they have Crispy Coconut, but also a Salted Almond Toblerone. As much as I like almonds though, I forefeighted it for this beauty instead...

Unfortunately my pics are poor quality as I got home late and didn't have much Toblerone left by that time, and I wasn't about to save any for another, it was all going into my mouth, cavities be damned! 

This is one of the best Toblerones I've ever tasted it has to be said. It's super sweet, naturally, but the coconut makes it so extra crunchy and moreish that it's hard to stop eating. The coconut is toasted, possibly in some kind of sugar syrup, so it's probably not healthy but who really cares when you're eating Toblerone. I really don't know why this variety isn't widely available in shops, it would surely sell by the truckload. I regret that I wasn't greedy and didn't buy more...

Overall, this is a highly delicious and addictive Toblerone, if you happen to be jetting off on your hols any time soon then definitely look out for these at duty free. I really really want to try the Salted Almond one now...if anyone wants to pick one up for me I won't complain ;) 

9 out of 10. 


  1. I will definitely give this one a go, I can confirm the salted almond one is insanely good! I also tried the sweetcorn one, wasn't really for me but has good reviews from other members of the household!

  2. This one seems to be more widely stocked now. This year I've seen it in supermarkets and W H Smith. 360g I believe.


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