Unicorn Smarties Limited Edition UK

Unicorn Smarties Limited Edition UK

I wasn't going to review these Unicorn Edition Smarties initially, after all they are just regular Smarties in pink and blue shells, plus they contain gluten. However the allure of fancy colours drew me in and it's always nice to have another limited edition candy wrapper for the collection!

Unicorn Smarties Limited Edition UK

I have to say, as daft as this "Unicorn trend" is, the colours do look pretty. Perfect for topping cakes, cupcakes and maybe even cookies with!

Unicorn Smarties Limited Edition UK

How do they taste? Well, I couldn't eat them but I gave them to a friend after taking these photos who commented "just like regular Smarties. Very sweet and good for a quick snack but not the best quality chocolate. A shame there's no orange flavours".

So there you have it! Tastes just like regular Smarties (why couldn't they make them raspberry flavoured or something?) but without the orange ones that make regular Smarties so interesting. (Although you can now get Orange Smarties as a Limited Edition too, so there's that!).

Are you excited about these new Unicorn Smarties? Will you buy them just for the colour? Let me know in the comments!


  1. What a shame Nestlé can't be ar5ed to make Smarties as interesting as Mars make M&M's ��


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