Charlene's Chocolate Factory Beet It Bar

Charlene's Chocolate Factory Beet It Bar

Another review from the rather interesting Charlene's Chocolate Factory today, who make a wide variety of funky chocolate bars from the likes of the blue Bubblegum Blonde bar to Mint Choc Chip, and others like Gin and Tonic and even Marmite! Find them on their website here:

Yes there's definitely something for everyone, even to the point of catering for the vegetable lovers with this "Sweetened Dark Chocolate with Beetroot". I chose this one to review out of pure curiousity...just how would the familiar earthy vegetable taste in chocolate form?!

Containing 60% cocoa solids and powdered beetroot, the bars weigh 90g and have a lovely pink patterned design on one side - the other side is regular blocks.

Charlene's Chocolate Factory Beet It Bar

I took a bite. The taste is...not as weird as I expected! It's surprisingly sweet, and I certainly didn't expect it to lend a nice mild flavour to the chocolate. Yes there's the earthy unmistakable beetroot taste in there, but it's pretty tame and works rather well. The chocolate is rich and at just the right percentage of cocoa.

Overall, this is another interesting flavour from Charlene's Chocolate Factory and worth a try if you like the more unusual stuff! To see the rest of their range, which includes flavours like Orange White Chocolate, JD and Coke (!) and Apple & Rhubarb Crumble check out:

8 out of 10.


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