Frey Rhubarb & Aloe Vera

After seeing The Snack Review's recent posts on Chocolat Frey I thought it about time I did my own Frey review. This is quite an old product and I'm not sure it's around anymore, so this is mainly for archive purposes and to let people know this odd-sounding bar did indeed exist!

I bought this from Home Bargains back in 2007, and kept the wrapper as I often do with unusual chocolate bars I've tried. It cost around 50p and I was very intrigued because I've never heard of a combination such as rhubarb and aloe vera before.

To be quite honest, the taste wasn't all that nice, as far as I can remember. It was rather sickly and the rhubarb and aloe vera didn't really work with the white chocolate. If anyone has tasted aloe vera before you'll know that it has has an odd taste - to say the least - so combined with the flavour of rhubarb it was a very strange combination indeed.

However I love Chocolat Frey as a company because they try new things and I've had some very good chocolate bars from them over the years. Apparently they are the number one chocolate company in Switzerland, and new product variations account for 10% of their annual sales. Their range includes over 2,500 products in various forms, which is quite impressive!

Pet peeve here; but why is it that Europeans are so much more adventurous with their chocolate varieties than us Brits? All we ever seem to get are endless variations of hazelnut, caramel or's so boring. Whilst rhubarb and aloe vera isn't the greatest combo, there's so many other interesting varieties that companies like Frey, Ritter and Lindt sell in Europe.

I've only ever seen Frey products in Home Bargains and other discount stores, however there's an article here suggesting they may officially launch their range in the UK, so fingers crossed for that.

I'll be archiving more Frey bars in the near future, so do stay tuned. Meanwhile Dave from The Snack Review is having a "Frey Week"; be sure to check out his reviews!


  1. Aloe vera is a chocolate bar is one of the weirdest flavours that i've ever seen!

    You're definitely right on your mini rant too Kev- European companies seem to have a never ending list of crazy varieties with all manner of flavour combinations. We basically get the same 3-4 flavours but packaged/marketed in a slightly different way.

    The sales and marketing team meetings at British companies must be something like "shit guys, sales on the caramel and nut bar are down. Ideas?" Reply: "urgh, why don't we try a nut and caramel bar instead?"

    1. Haha! I reckon marketers just think we're stupid or something and will buy anything as long as it has fancy packaging and descriptions that never live up to the product itself.

  2. This is such a bizarre sounding chocolate! I completely agree with you and The Snack Review that chocolate makers should be more adventurous in their flavour combinations.

    A particular bugbear of mine is lack of fruit and chocolate combinations. Why is it always orange or strawberry in the UK? And the only herb they ever use is mint. There is such an amazing plethora of ingedients out there to choose from. Bravo to Frey for choosing such interesting vegetation in this chocolate!

    Apologies for the rant! K :)

    1. No need to apologize Katherine, all ranting is welcome here!
      I agree with you on fruit combinations, there's so many types of fruits they could use instead. And speaking of vegetation, that reminds of another bizarre Frey product I have to review at some point ;)


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