Black Milk Kinderella Hazelnut Cream Review

Black milk hazelnut cream

Ever wondered what the filling of a Kinder Bueno tastes like solo? Well it’s amazing, and better than Nutella too in my humble opinion! This spread based on Kinder Bueno is made by Black Milk Cereal who have fantastic cafes in Manchester and London, serving waffles, pancakes and other goodies drenched with their signature Kinder Cream creation. You can now get it in jars from their online store (and the code Kevs10 will get a 10% discount). As well as Kinder Cream they do dessert sauces, salted caramel, and lots of biscoff products! (Like Biscoff Ice Cream Topping!) This stuff is highly popular with homemade bakers with good reason!

Black milk hazelnut cream

I’m not much of a cake or cookie maker unfortunately, I prefer to eat this stuff right from the spoon! It’s like a smoother spreadable form of Kinder Bueno filling, and like a milkier version of Nutella. I honestly prefer it! So indulgent and creamy.

When I’m feeling fancy I will mix it with things like Lotus Biscoff cookies or just slather it on toast.

Black milk kinder

Pictured below are the new pourable sauces from Black Milk; Salted Caramel, Pistachio, White Chocolate and Hazelnut Cream. Yum! I’m yet to try these but hoping to start using my new waffle maker soon...I bet they’ll taste great drenched on fresh waffles!

They also do personalised jars and I was lucky to be gifted one in my own name, how cool!

Check out their web store and if you’d like to try anything use code Kevs10 for 10% off:


  1. As much as the personalised jar is a nice touch, it doesn't look like they made a huge amount of effort.

  2. Damn my lactose intolerance! These sound totally awesome :-D

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