Nestlé Studentská Strawberry Limited Edition

Being a fan of Nestlé Studentská bars, I had to snap up this strawberry variety when I saw it in an import store recently. It's part of the 2013 limited edition Studentská  flavours range which also includes Blueberry and Redcurrant.

My first Studentská review was for the white chocolate variety, which you can check out here. In that review I commented that the chocolate was quite sweet and cheap tasting and that the filling was what really made the bar. It turns out that this is the case for most Studentská bars - the chocolate isn't gourmet by any means, but combined with the unique fillings of crunchy roasted peanuts, dried fruit and fruit jelly pieces, they create a lovely taste experience.

This Strawberry variety isn't quite as chunky as a regular Studentská bar, it's somewhat thinner, but is still crammed with plenty of ingredients.

I enjoyed the bar with a cup of coffee, which was perfect as the coffee helped the chocolate melt in the mouth more easily. I'll start by saying that the chocolate was the usual stuff you would expect from Nestlé - very sweet and milky. Perhaps too sweet, but it was a nice carrier for the ingredients. The combination of peanuts and strawberry jelly pieces was very nice, if a little odd. The jelly pieces had a very sweet strawberry flavour, almost like sweet strawberry jam. Combined with the peanuts the flavour balanced out nicely, and I found it quite addictive. There was also some other dried fruit in there which appeared to be flavoured dried cranberries, although I couldn't be sure.

Overall, whilst Studentská bars may not be the greatest quality in the world, they're very unique and I can see why they are so well-loved in their native Czech republic. It would be nice if we got something similar from Nestlé here in the UK, but luckily Studentská bars are found in most good Import stores that sell Czech or Slovakian products. I would highly recommend seeking them out!

Price: £2.25 at European imort store.
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