Tesco Jam Roly Poly Toffees Review

Tesco have been adding some interesting new products to their snacks range recently, but what caught my eye the most were these "Jam Roly Poly Toffees", which also come in a Summer Fruits variety. I will admit, I chose them based purely on their name. Who wouldn't?

I suspected they wouldn't resemble anything like the classic British dessert that is Jam Roly Poly Pudding (which, by the way, was also known as "Shirt-sleeve pudding" because it was often served in an old shirt sleave - crazy or what?!). Reading the description confirmed my suspicions: "Toffees filled with raspberry flavoured apple jam". No pudding to be had here then! Still, who ever really expects products like these to resemble their namesakes? Presumably, the toffee portion is supposed to stand in for the "Roly Poly" part of the pudding.

Cutting into one of the toffees revealed the jam centre, which was slightly sticky:

Popping one in my mouth, I chewed down and as I did the strawberry jam oozed out. It was a rather pleasant experience, as the jam had a lovely fruity taste and avoided the pitfall of tasting too artificial. The toffee itself had a nice buttery, sweet flavour. I liked the sensation of the gooey jam sandwiched between the toffee, it somehow worked really well and made the toffees very addictive.

Overall, these Roly Poly Toffees surprised me. I expected them to be a bit of a gimmick - and I suppose they are, really - but I ended up rather enjoying them. I'm looking forward to trying the Summer Fruits variety next.

Price: 89p at Tesco (currently on offer of 2 for £1.50, until 11th Aug).
Ingredients: Suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy Advice: Contains milk & soya.

Going off subject slightly, but these reminded me of Nestle's fruit-flavoured Toffos. Here's a pic (thanks to http://www.aquarterof.co.uk):

I haven't had a fruit Toffo in years - please bring them back Nestle!


  1. Oh my god I used to LOVE Toffos! I am definitely going to get some of these!

  2. They haven't been available for ages ... what a shame :-(

  3. They were delicious ... no idea why Tesco stopped selling them


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