Choc Affair Peach & Raspberry White Chocolate

Whilst in a health foods store recently I spotted the words "peach and raspberry white chocolate" on this bar and was instantly sold. I'm a big fan of white chocolate combined with fruity ingredients and couldn't say no, despite the rather hefty price tag of £2.50.

The chocolate comes in a simple but cool-looking paper sleeve. I liked the Andy Warhol-ish images of peaches and raspberries on it.

Opening the wrapper the chocolate looked great; it had a pink speckled colour with a clean, glossy finish:

Unforunately it didn't taste quite as I expected. The peach flavour was absent - I couldn't taste any peach at all. Looking at the ingredients list I couldn't find peach listed apart from as a "flavour", which I think is a bit misleading considering it's the first word on the front of the wrapper. The flavour was completely dominated by the freeze-dried raspberry powder, which was very delicious, but not what I wanted in a bar labelled "peach and raspberry" flavour. The white chocolate itself was very good quality, with a nice smooth melt, and the raspberries brought a fresh, tart flavour to it. But still...where was the peach?!

Overall, I was disappointed with this bar. When paying £2.50 for a bar described as "peach and raspberry" I expected to be able to taste the peach, otherwise I would just buy an expensive raspberry flavour chocolate bar. That's not to say this wasn't good quality chocolate, because it was - I just feel the wrapper was a little misleading.

Price: £2.50.
Ingredients: Suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy Advice: Contains milk & soya.


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