Nestlé Orion Deli Raspberry

Here we have the Orion Deli Raspberry. Deli is a sub-brand which is owned by the Czech arm of Nestlé, and the bars comprise of nougat fillings - somewhat similar to what you get in a Mars or Snickers - with a thin layer of caramel plus a chocolate coating.

This variety comprises of raspberry flavoured nougat and caramel. Opening the wrapper, the bar smelled overwhelmingly like cheap kiddies raspberry drinks - rather artificial and overpowering. I cut the bar in half and the centre looked very pink:

The taste was rather as I expected - very artificial. It's the sort of thing you would expect from such a cheap chocolate bar, but I actually kind of enjoyed it! It was chewy and had a nice tang to it. The caramel didn't really add much to the bar, it was rather tasteless although it did provide a bit of extra chewiness. The chocolate coating was unremarkable - it just tasted like standard Nestlé milk chocolate really. There were some bits of dried raspberry in the nougat, which added a bit of crunch.

Overall, although I didn't love this bar I kind of enjoyed it for what it was. Deli bars have a certain charm to them - the ingredients may be cheap but the combination of flavoured nougat, chewy caramel and chocolate just works somehow. If they were made with better quality ingredients they'd be fantastic!

Price: About 50p in Import store.
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  1. That looks interesting - I love the bright colour!

    1. Very bright isn't it! I'm not sure such a colour exists in nature lol.

  2. This does sound interesting and rather sickly. Raspberry flavour can be very hit and miss, if I see one I will give it a go though just because it is so different! Great review Kev.

    1. Thanks Hannah! They're definitely worth a try, they also come in pistachio, hazelnut, cherry and chocolate flavours. The chocolate one was my fave.

  3. But who cares what u think actualy, that's ur opinion and taste, arifical bla bla like u eat just not artifical expensive junk!it looks tasty!and if its cheap thats super! I wouldnt listen at all to someone who think that that mean junk and the expensive not mean the same shit, and who think that the cheap, cheap not means quality and the cheap or expensive refers to the qality and the taste! Snobs and complex full sillys


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