New Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Faces

When I first heard about these Freddo Faces I wasn't all that excited at the prospect of mini Freddo chocolates to be honest. However, after buying a pack on impulse from the CO-OP recently I am now a convert!

The chocolates come with different facial expressions: angry, confused, in love etc. Unfortunately I only managed to pick out 4 of the 5 different expressions:

Whilst these may just be pieces of Dairy Milk shaped like the face of Freddo the frog, they were very tasty thanks to the creamy Dairy Milk chocolate. I found them addictive in the same way that Cadbury Buttons are, ie. you just can't stop yourself from eating one after the other! Despite their moreishness, I thought the amount of chocolates in the bag was just about right - not too few or too many chocolates.

Overall, these Cadbury Freddo Faces aren't really anything new, but they are certainly very tasty. Now all they need to do is a Caramel version!

Price: 50p at CO-OP.
Ingredients: Suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy Advice: Contains milk. May contain nuts and wheat.


  1. Wow some great Cadbury's finds this week. It's hard to keep up with all their new releases at the moment!

    1. And there's still Vanilla Crispellos to come! I wonder how many new products Cadbury will have released by the end of the year.

  2. I done went to the shop and got packet for these.
    I thought they have the caramel but they don't so I hates em

  3. Freddo faces beautiful. The real old fashion cadburys chocolate taste


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