New Cadbury Orange Twist Eclairs

As well as the new Hazelnut Twist Eclairs I reviewed yesterday, Cadbury have also added this Orange Twist variety to their Eclairs range. Like the Hazelnut Twist these are on offer for £1 at Morrisons, and come in the new reclosable bags like the rest of Cadbury's bagged range. They're described as "Orange flavour Cadbury milk chocolate encased in a chewy caramel".

Like the Hazelnut Twist Eclairs, they look pretty much the same as regular Cadbury Eclairs:

Cutting one open, the chocolate and orange centre also looked the same:

Taste-wise they were a bit like Terry's Chocolate Orange in toffee form. The toffee was very sweet and chewy whilst the centre had a nice chocolatey orange zing. I enjoyed these a lot more than the Hazelnut Twist variety and thought the flavours of orange, chocolate and toffee worked really well together. A very moreish combination.

Overall I think these Orange Twist Eclairs are a great addition to the Eclairs range, and hope they stick around. I would recommend them to anyone who likes orange flavoured chocolates.

Price: £1 at Morrisons.
Ingredients: Suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy Advice: Contains milk & whey. May contain nuts.


  1. Thank you to your marvellous blog I treated myself to a packet of these at the weekend.

    I think the Orange flavour has the edge over the Hazlenut flavour and I sincerely hope these remain on sale for a good while as they are too good to resist!

    1. Aw thankyou :) Yes these definitely have the edge of hazelnut don't they! I hope they do more flavours such as mint, I think that'd work really well with toffee.


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