Wawel Advocaat Bar

Having tried a few different Wawel chocolates now, I'm starting to learn that they're not one of the best Polish chocolate manufacturers around. My experience with their Cranberry Filled Bar was disappointing, and it was also the case with this "Maciek Adwokat" bar.

I bought this because it was very cheap in Tesco; it was only 39p which is cheaper than a standard chocolate bar from most UK manufacturers. I should have known that cheap chocolate is usually a bad sign though.

When I took it to the checkout I was actually asked for ID because it contains a small amount of alcohol in it. How silly is that? Even the staff member who served me thought it was stupid!

Taste-wise, the chocolate was very sugary and cheap tasting, similar to the Wawel Cranberry bar. The filling was also very sweet but had quite a strong alcoholic tang to it. If you like alcohol-filled chocolates you'll probably appreciate this bar, but I wasn't impressed. I don't know why I even bought it considering I don't really like alcoholic chocolates...I guess I was hoping for something creamy with only a mild alcoholic edge.

Overall, I wasn't really a fan of this bar but I'm still curious to see if Wawel produce any other decent chocolates. If you've tried any and have a favourite, please let me know in the comments.

Price: 39p at Tesco.
Allergy Advice: Contains eggs, milk, soya. May contain nuts, sesame and wheat gluten.


  1. Hey, I recommend you go into a polish shop (polski sklep) in your local area and purchase individual wawel chocolates (which are normally near the tills. they cost around 10p and I recommend the taki-taki and malaga filled ones. There is also a strawberry milk chocolate bar which you can purchase there which is really yummy. Here is a link to the wawel site. http://www.wawel.com.pl/web/en/products/chocolates-1.html


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