Royal Oreo Custard Dessert Mix Review

B&M Bargains sell some unusual stuff. I've found Meerkats Jellies, Jellyatrics, Nestle Holiday biscuits and Orange and Mint flavour After Eights there, amongst other things. They're always turning up something new and interesting - usually imported - so I wasn't really surprised when I spotted this "Royal Natillas Oreo" custard dessert mix there recently. It's basically just a packet of custard with a packet of chopped up Oreos to mix in...but at 39p a box I could hardly say no!

I'm not familiar with the "Royal" brand but it appears they are owned by Kraft Foods. The writing on the box was all in Spanish but the instructions to make the dessert were on a sticker with an English translation.

I did my best to make the custard according to the instructions, but it proved difficult as they'd been badly translated. I ended up with a watery, lumpy custard. Luckily the crushed Oreos saved it somewhat, but it still tasted far from amazing.

Overall, this Oreo Dessert is a bit of a gimmick really - anyone can crush Oreos and add them to custard, so the two needn't be sold together. If you're a fan of Oreos you might want to check these out, but otherwise I wouldn't recommend them.

Price: 39p a box at B&M Bargains

Have you tried these Oreo Custard Desserts? If so what did you think? 


  1. What a disappointment! Such potential :(
    B&M always has such weird and wonderful products haha
    Great review

    1. Thanks Erin! :) If you get a chance I would still give these a try - the main problem really is they need quite a lot of milk to make. And yeah B&M are always selling such odd products lol - as a snack reviewer I love it!

  2. What a great find! I know the Royal brand very well as it's hugely popular in Portugal. They make lots of jelly mixes (so many unusual flavours compared to the UK) and creme caramel type desserts, I know they made an Royal Oreo Cake Mix too that just looks fantastic. Still never managed to track that one down!

    1. Wow wounds like they do some cool stuff, thanks for the info Katherine :) I shall definitely look out for their jelly and dessert mixes. I've seen that Oreo Cake Mix too, looks amazing! Oh and did you know apparently there's now watermelon flavoured Oreos in the US?! I saw some on ebay and was thinking of buying some, but they cost a small fortune!

  3. Hi. It's a pity the instructions were not properly translated, because I have done these many times and they are amazing. Give it another go if you find them again. In any case, it's just 39p :)

  4. i just ate before. Oreo is to add just before eat , on the top of the natilla. Is what it says in the instructions if u want a crunchy oreo! Im spanish btw


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