New Cadbury Hazelnut Twist Eclairs

Not content with releasing Marvellous Creations, Dairy Milk Strawberries & Creme, Crunchums and Freddo Faces this year, Cadbury have also added this new variety to their Chocolate Eclairs range, called Hazelnut Twist.

I mentioned in my review of Milka Toffees on Monday that I was looking forward to trying these but didn't expect to find them quite so soon! I spotted them nestled unassumingly amongst the regular Cadbury Eclairs on a shopping trip to Morrisons, so quickly snapped up a pack. They're currently on offer there for £1.

The Eclairs come in the new resealable packs that most of Cadbury's bagged chocolate range now comes in, and are described as "Hazelnut flavour Cadbury milk chocolate encased in a chewy caramel".

Aesthetically, they look pretty much identical to regular Cadbury Eclairs:

Cutting one open revealed the chocolate and hazelnut flavoured centre, which was slightly crumbly:

Taste-wise, the caramel was very sweet and chewy, whilst the centre had a strong chocolatey hazelnut flavour. I would like to say that it tasted similar to Nutella, but it was a lot milder. Probably due to the fact that these Eclairs don't actually contain any hazelnut - the ingredients only lists "flavourings".

Overall I thought these were a decent new product from Cadbury (or Mondelez UK, as they're now called) - it's about time Eclairs got a new flavour variation, and I hope to see more in the future. Perhaps mint, or even coconut?

There's also an Orange Twist version of Eclairs, please check out my review of them here.

Price: £1 at Morrisons.
Ingredients: Suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy Advice: Contains milk & whey. May contain nuts.


  1. Oh these look amazing! Cadburys are on a roll at the moment! A coconut version would be delicious, enjoyed reading your review as always :)

  2. These do sound awesome, another one I am going to have to get the hubby. I think you guys have similar taste when it comes to snacks!

  3. Thanks for the info - but it doesn't say anywhere on the packaging that its suitable for vegetarians, so how do you know? Some chocolate products contain pork gelatine.

    1. Hi Tessa, I no longer have the packaging but as far as I remember there was no gelatine in the ingredients or anything not suitable for vegetarians. I will contact Cadbury's to check though.


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