Dark Chocolate Mint M&M's Review

I've never had a chance to try these Dark Mint M&M's before so I was very happy when Monster Sweets sent me a pack recently along with the Peanut Butter M&M's I reviewed here.

Monster Sweets are a company specializing in American and European snacks for cheap prices and postage, I highly recommend them for hard-to find-snacks!

These M&M's contain mint flavoured dark chocolate centres. The shells come in slightly varying shades of green, which I think look really cool!

Taste-wise they made me think of Nestlé After Eights in crunchy form. The dark chocolate tasted rich and minty, whilst the crunchy shells provided a nice contrast in texture. They were rather addictive and I couldn't help but gobble most of the bag up pretty quickly!

Overall, a great M&M's flavour which I would love to see more widely available. Until Mars UK decide to give us consumers what we want these M&M's are thankfully available from companies like Monster Sweets! Check out their range here: http://www.monstersweets.co.uk/

*Monster Sweets sent me these for an honest review and all opinions expressed are my own. 


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