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When I first heard about these Randoms Rip 'Ems I was intrigued, as the press release made them sound really exciting and unique: "Rowntree's Randoms Rip 'Ems is a highly innovative and unique product that is certain to capture shoppers' attention as well as their imaginations".

Judging by that you would think these Rip 'Ems are something special that have never been done before, but it's actually a load of marketing smoke and mirrors to disguise the fact that they're quite a plain product. Just look at this picture of Rip 'Ems:

nestle rowntrees fruit

They're basically just two strips of fruity gummy laces stuck together. The "fun" supposedly comes in when you pull them apart. Oh, how exciting and innovative...instead of getting the laces already seperated you get to do it yourself! And because they're in different colours and flavours that supposedly adds to the "fun" even more! You can also "Wear 'em" as the pack helpfully advertises:


I'm not sure how you're supposed to wear them without them falling off though - maybe Nestlé are planning another "innovative" product for that purpose such as "Randoms Glue"? (note to self: copyright that idea!)


I guess I shouldn't be too harsh since they did taste pretty nice; they were very fruity and with a lovely chewy texture. They contain 25% fruit juice, which is certainly better than most sweets that just contain a load of sugar and e-numbers.

I just don't think they're as exciting or innovative as the press releases makes them out to be. I mean once you pull them apart you're left with regular fruity laces, which are already widely available in most supermarkets. They don't even look all that exciting; they're a rather boring, dull colour.

Overall, these Randoms Rip 'Ems are a tasty product for sure, but they're just not as exciting or innovative as Nestlé seem to think they are.

This is the second brand extension from Rowntree's Randoms this year as well as Randoms Squidgy Speak, which I've previously reviewed here.

Price: 59p at Waitrose.
Ingredients: No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Contains 25% fruit juice. Suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy advice: Contains wheat and gluten.
Nutritional information: 58 calories and 0.3g fat per strip of 4 laces.

Have you tried Randoms Rip 'Ems? Do you think they're as exciting and innovative as Nestlé claim? 
Also - have you tried sticking them above your lip as shown on the wrapper? ;)


  1. Ha, Randoms glue would be fun, lol. Great review as always, I havn't tried these yet. Keep up the good work Kev. :)

  2. These are probably better than American Strawberry Twizzlers which taste so artificial that you would throw them straight away! Must try these and have a comparison taste... :D

  3. You don't get much for your money but they are delicious.

    7/10 would buy again.

  4. Have stuck them as a mustache, had to lick them first. They stuck for 5 seconds and made my face sticky...


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