LaCasa Pineapple Praline

It's quite hard to find a proper praline bar in UK shops these days, so I was really pleased when I came across this bar for 99p in Family Bargains recently. It's from the Spanish brand LaCasa, and is called "Praliné De Piña", or "Pineapple praline" in English. It contains sugar, ground nuts, cocoa butter, hydrogenated vegetable fat, whey powder and dehydrated pineapple, amongst other things.

I was a bit concerned about the hydrogenated vegetable fat, which as many people know is often used as a cheap filler. However I was pleasantly surprised by this bar! It tasted smooth, creamy, nutty and fruity. The pineapple flavour was very unique and worked surprisingly well with the nutty praline. I must admit it did taste a tad artificial. But it was one of those instances where it didn't really matter, because combined with the hazelnut praline, it was very delicious and just worked in some odd way. The coating of the bar was strange; it was a kind of beige colour, presumably meant to be pineapple flavoured. I'm not sure as I could only really taste pineapple flavour in the filling.

Overall this bar was a pleasant surprise, and I would definitely buy it again. I looked up the LaCasa company and according to their website they make a range of different products, including strawberries and cream and custard and cookies praline bars, which sound delicious! I hope to find more of their stuff in the UK again!

Price: 99p at Family Bargains.
Nutritional facts: Contains milk, nuts, vegetable fat.


  1. I love pineapple and I love praline...the 2 together I am not so sure about. The idea just seems like an odd one to me, definitely worth a try though!

    1. I thought it was a bit odd at first too, but it really works! It surprised me just how nice it was.

  2. I tried a few of their bars and I liked most of them. I'd love to try more, especially the marzipan and baked apple one.


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