Ritter Sport White Chocolate & Cornflakes (Weiss + Crisp)

white chocolate and cornflakes hazelnuts

A big thankyou to Monster Sweets who kindly sent me this Ritter Sport Weiss + Crisp (White chocolate and Cornflakes) bar to review recently. Monster Sweets are a company specializing in European and American snacks, and have one of the largest Ritter Sport ranges available in the UK, plus cheap postage to boot! For more info check out their banner on the side of this blog or visit their website here:

I'm a big fan of Ritter Sport's white chocolate - their White Whole Hazelnuts Bar is perfection - so I had high hopes for this Weiss + Crisp. And it far surpassed them, it was even better than the White Whole Hazelnuts!

Opening the wrapper the chocolate looked and smelled great, with a lovely vanilla hinted aroma (apologies for my dark-looking picture but there was a serious lack of light at the time!).

white chocolate cornflakes

Biting into a piece I was first met with a vanilla hit from the white chocolate - it tasted superbly creamy and really good quality. The cornflakes were crunchy and had a slightly salty, savoury edge to them. Combined with the creamy white chocolate they made this bar very moreish, and it didn't take me long to munch through it all because I kept coming back for another piece! It really was that addictive!

white chocolate cornflakes

My conclusion is that this one of Ritter Sport's best chocolate bars. Which is high praise because I also thought their Coconut and Crema Catalana bars were pretty amazing too!

white chocolate cornflakes

Overall, I would highly recommend this bar if you're a fan of Ritter Sport, white chocolate and cornflakes. Ritter do this combination amazingly well, but be warned because once you start eating this bar you will find it hard to stop! Fans of the Ritter Sport White Whole Hazelnuts should check this out especially.

Price: £1.55 from Monster Sweets. You can check out the rest of their Ritter Sport range here: http://www.monstersweets.co.uk/ritter-sport-16-c.asp

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*Monster Sweets sent me this bar for an honest review and all views expressed are my own. 


  1. This looks delicious! I definitely want to try this one at some point. I love the idea of cornflakes and chocolate, it reminds me of those rice crispy treats that kids make!

  2. Wow, better than the White Whole Hazelnuts, is that even possible? I'm so envious right now.

  3. Thanks Kev for such a great review. This is a fantastic Ritter Sport Chocolate bar. I recommend this white and crisp when introducing new people to the brand. YUM!


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