Nestlé Studentská Dark Blackcurrant (Limited Edition)

Here we have the Nestlé Orion Studentská Pecet Dark Blackcurrant. I found this Limited Edition in my local European import store, and there weren't many bars left so I quickly snapped one up . From what I can gather online this bar was only produced for a limited period during 2012, and for 2013 Nestlé are doing a different batch of limited edition Studentská varieties (which I'll be reviewing later).

nestle orion horka rybiz

Orion is a Czech Nestlé brand that apparently has a lot of history behind it. Studentská bars are part of that brand and they come in Milk, Dark, Cherry, and White Chocolate versions (I've reviewed the White Chocolate Studentská here). 

This Limited Edition version consists of dark chocolate, blackcurrant jelly pieces, peanuts and raisins. The blocks are very chunky, and several have the Nestlé "heart" logo going across them:

nestle rybiz horka

I like that it was wrapped in foil and paper rather than plastic like most chocolate bars are these days. It's one of those little things I miss from my childhood, and I'm sure chocolate tastes better when it's foil-wrapped!

nestle orion

The chocolate tasted very sweet and not really like proper "dark" chocolate, more like a basic sweet plain chocolate. Which is fine, because combined with the other ingredients it works. The nuts, raisins and jelly pieces are what really brings this bar alive. The peanuts were fantastic; they had a lovely savoury, almost salty edge to them. Combined with the raisins and dark chocolate they made this a very moreish bar; I couldn't stop eating it even though it's quite a thick slab! The only thing that let it down in my opinion were the blackcurrant jelly pieces - the blackcurrant flavour was a bit odd and didn't really go with the chocolate. Still I'm glad I tried this bar because it's very unique and a change from the norm.

orion nestle horka

I'm gradually becoming a big fan of Nestlé Studentská bars, I love any kind of chocolate with peanuts and fruit in so this is always a winning idea in my book! I've got more Studentská reviews to come so please stay tuned for them!

Price: £2.45.
Found at: European import store.
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  1. is it suitable for vegetarians?

    1. Hi, yes it should be but he ingredients were all in czech so I can't be sure unfortunately.

    2. if you`re concerned about the use of animal based gelatin, on the ingredience list it sais they use pectin- which is plant based


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