Nestlé After Eight Limited Edition Mint & Orange Review

nestle deutschland limited edition

Yes, you read the title right, these After Eights are mint AND orange flavoured. As in, both flavours in the same chocolate! This odd limited edition flavour is the brainchild of Nestlé Deutschland, and has somehow ended up in B&M Bargains stores in the UK.

limited edition germany

Opening the box, the After Eights smelled very lovely; they had a familiar dark chocolate and orange aroma. They were in little paper cases like regular After Eight and looked very well presented:

mint and orange limited edition

The taste was as odd as you would expect. When I bit into one I was first met with a strong zingy orange flavour, which was very pleasant. Then the taste of mint made its presence known, which dominated and ruined the orange flavour. Then the orange taste came back once again. It was almost like it couldn't decide which flavour it wanted to be! The two competing flavours made for a very odd taste experience to say the least.

mint and orange limited ed

To be honest I didn't really enjoy these After Eights, yet after eating one I wanted just one more; there was something slightly addictive about them. I put that down to the combination of dark chocolate and sugary fondant, rather than the orange and mint flavour.

nestle limited edition

Overall, I wouldn't really recommend these After Eights, yet at the same time I do think they're worth trying at least once. The combination is so odd you probably won't ever see them in shops again!

Price: £1.99 at B&M Bargains.
Ingredients: Conatins milk and whey. Suitable for vegetarians.
Made by: Nestlé Deutschland.


  1. They're like the After Eight version of spilling orange juice in a cereal bowl full of milk. Yiiiick.


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