Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Salted Caramels

Just a quick review for these Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Belgian Salted Caramels Selection, as I'm not sure they are even available to buy anymore. I bought these a while ago when I saw them discounted, and wish I had stocked up because they were absolutely delicious!

I'm always wary of salted caramel as it can sometimes be too salty, but luckily these weren't, they had just the right balance of sweet and salty, and were very delicious.

Left to right: White choc, Dark choc, Milk choc.
The dark chocolate ones provided a rich chocolate taste which went wonderfully with the sweet and salty caramel; they tasted very luxurious. The milk chocolate ones were also very nice but perhaps not as good as the dark chocolate. And the white chocolate ones were perfect - there was something about the creaminess from the white chocolate which just worked perfectly with the salted caramel.

Overall, these Salted Caramels were amazing and I'm disappointed that they seem to have been discontinued! (I haven't seen them in my local Sainsbury's for a while anyway).


  1. I'm going to look for these next time I'm in sainsburys - I fear subscribing to your blog is going to make me hideously fat ;)

    1. Haha! Hope you enjoy reading :) Unfortunately Sainsbury's don't sell these caramels anymore (as far as I'm aware). 'Tis a shame because they were amazing!


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