Haribo Tangfastics with Watermelon Slices! (Limited Edition)

Whilst browsing my Sainsbury's Local I noticed these Haribo Tangastics with Watermelon Slices on special offer, and since they're limited edition I just had to try them. They're basically regular Haribo Tangfastics with the addition of watermelon flavour jelly slices. For anyone worried they've replaced the sour cherries with watermelon, do not fear, there's still plenty of cherries! The watermelon slices look oddly similar to the cherries though...kind of like a cherry that came out of the machine wrong and ended up stuck together.

Taste-wise they were very nice and had a lovely refreshing sour watermelon flavour. The other Tangfastics flavours were all the same as usual, with cola bottles, jelly dinosaurs, rings, gummy bears and cherries. All of them were very addictive and tasty, although I'm not a big fan of the jelly dinosaurs as I think the white foam part spoils them a bit.

Overall I think these Tangastics with Watermelon Slices are a fantastic idea from Haribo; it's about time they tried some different flavours, and watermelon is a great choice as it's very underused in confectionary. These are a "Flavours of Summer" Limited Edition so be sure to take advantage and stock up on them while you can! They're currently on special offer at Sainsbury's Local, although I'm not sure how long it lasts. They're also available from Poundland.

Price: 72p at Sainsbury's Local (special offer), £1 at Poundland.
Ingredients: Contains gelatine - not suitable for vegetarians
Nutritional information: Per 40g serving - 135 calories, 0.08g fat, 31.3g carbs (24g sugars).


  1. I love Haribo - they have so many new varieties all the time. These watermelons look really cute!

  2. I love Tangfastics and the addition of watermelon slices is like music to my ears, one of my favourite flavours!

  3. The watermelon slices are delicious, although I don't like them quite as much as the Blue'bear'ies in the limited edition Starmix.

  4. Can't wait to try these. Disagree with you about one thing though, the foam part of the dinosaurs adds a different texture, a good addition in my book.

  5. The water melon slices taste weird ... leave them out!

  6. The watermelon ruined them for me too. Seemed to take some of the tang away.

  7. glad the cherry has been replaced by watermelon. my favourite flavour instead of the worst flavour! nothing is better than that!

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