Maltesers Teasers Bar Review

It's been a busy few months in new chocolate news. We've had the new Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations bars from Cadbury, Magnum extended their ice cream brand into chocolate bars, and even Nestlé made a bid for extra sales with their 5 finger version of Kitkat.

Mars have also gotten in on the act and released this new Maltesers Teasers bar, which is basically the Malteser chocolate from Celebrations in bar form. I've always said Mars should make a Maltesers chocolate bar and I'm surprised it took them this long to be honest!

As you can see in this pic the bar is split into weird "bubble sections". I'm not sure what that's all about but it's certainly a unique look for a chocolate bar! It reminded me of the new Aero "bubble shaped" bars.

Taste-wise, this bar was very different from regular Maltesers, and actually much nicer in my opinion. As good as Maltesers are I find their crunchiness a little bit annoying, especially when you get a build-up of the malty bits in your mouth if you eat too many. This bar solves that problem and just gives little crunchy bits of malt in a creamy tasting chocolate bar. It's a much more convenient way to eat Maltesers! The chocolate contains 25% cocoa solids, which gives it a decent standard chocolatey taste. I enjoyed my bar with a cup of coffee which it went perfectly with.

Overall, this is a delicious chocolate bar and one I would happily buy again. It's also available in a big block size which sounds a bit dangerous to me - I would be tempted to eat the whole thing!

Price: 57p at Asda & Tesco.
Nutrition information: Contains 186 calories and 10g fat per bar.
Allergy advice: Contains wheat, gluten, milk and soya. Suitable for vegetarians. Kosher.


  1. I'd love to be able to find it. Maltesers are among the very few Mars products that I actually like.

  2. Call yourselves chocolate fans? This site is a joke

  3. I bought this one recently, and as I shared it out with my children, we all marvelled at the 'chocolate butts' we were eating. It was a source of great mirth and is a recurring joke in our family now. "Today we had some m&ms, a ferrero rocher, a chocolate butt..." cue heavy laughter. Hey, they're 5 and 8, so it's not high brow comedy...

    Actually it's very tasty, so that's a plus!


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