Meerkats Jelly Sweets

b&m bargains jellies holland

"Oh no, they've turned them into sweets now!" was my first thought when I saw these Meerkats Jellies in B&M bargains.

If you're from the UK I'm sure you'll know what I mean. Meerkats have become a "thing" here thanks to those annoying "Compare the meerkat" adverts (there's even a wikipedia page for them: As if the adverts weren't enough, they've branched out into soft toys, t-shirts, posters, books and other such rubbish. And now sweets!

Despite hating the adverts I grudgingly bought these just to see if they tasted any good. I wish I hadn't bothered because they turned out to be as bad as the adverts!

Opening the pack I knew something was wrong because they smelled very chemically. Which is odd, because on the front of the pack it says they contain natural colours and flavours. Yet the ingredients lists several different E-numbers. I never realized E-numbers could be considered natural!

b&m bargains holland

They tasted very chemically and had an unpleasant after-taste. They were also annoyingly chewy which didn't help matters. I tried tasting each flavour individually and some were ok; the green and red one had a nice apple flavoured sour tang and the yellow one tasted of citrus. But the chemical aftertaste quickly ruined the flavour.

Overall, these are one to avoid. They're simply a cheap product cashing in on the meerkat "thing" and there are far better sweets for a similar price sold in most discount stores, including B&M. Simples!

Price: 89p.
Made by: Mackay Sweets who are based in Holland.
Ingredients: Sugar, e-numbers, nettle and spinach extracts, vegetable oil. Contains wheat starch.


  1. These are so cute! I am one of those people who loves the Meerkats! I think it might be a girl thing lol

  2. E-numbers are so misunderstood! They aren't all artificial, in fact most are natural and a lot are good for you! Things like vitamins have E-number equivalents, as well as natural colours like cochineal and paprika, even oxygen! In fact every single thing you eat will have components that also go by an E-number, although it might not be written on the label.

    1. Thankyou for the explanation, I must admit I'm a bit clueless with things like this lol.

  3. I 'kin love Meerkat sweets! The flavours are nae bad and although they're no Candy King Giant Strawberries the texture is brilliant - a real good sweet to bite and chew!


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