Vanini Bianco white chocolate

Here we have the Vanini Bianco. I'm completely new to the Vanini chocolate brand, having only seen a handful of their bars in Tk Maxx, but so far my experience has been disappointing (see my review of the Vanini Cherry). Luckily that seems to have been an isolated incident and this Vanini Bianco was much better.

Vanini describe this chocolate as "...a taste experience worthy of the attention even of the most demanding chocolate lovers. This chocolate is irresistable because of the creamy richness of its ingredients: cocoa butter and premium quality milk, to which is added very little sugar, and the delicate perfumed flavour of Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar".

Like the Vanini Cherry, the Bianco comes in a stylish looking box. Opening the wrapper, I was met with a delicious creamy vanilla hit. It smelled amazing! The chocolate looked great too; clean, glossy and with little speckles of vanilla seed in it. The Vanini logo is imprinted onto each block.

Taste-wise, it was almost too good. It was so creamy and buttery it made my throat tingle. The vanilla flavour was delicious. Usually white chocolate has a sugar dominated taste, but the predominant taste here was one of creaminess and vanilla. The texture was smooth and melted in the mouth without any hints of graininess.

Overall, this was a very delicious and good quality bar of white chocolate which I would happily buy again!

Price: £1.69 at Tk Maxx.
Nutritional facts: Contains milk and anhydrous butter (don't ask me what that is!).


  1. I had never heard of Vanini before seeing the review for the cherry one, but I must say their wrappers look lovely.

    I think anhydrous butter is some kind of butter from which all water/ moisture/ everything non-fat was removed. So... basically, just milk fat? Not completely sure about it though.


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