Cheetos Pizzerini & Cheetos Arcticos

polish cheese herb tomato

Whilst on the hunt for the Cheetos Robalos reviewed here by Grocery Gems, I came across this pizza flavoured variety and a cheese and ketchup "Arcticos" variety, in a local Polish import store. I haven't had real Cheetos in years but I know they are very popular in America, and also Poland too it seems.

These Cheetos Pizzerini didn't really resemble "proper" Cheetos; they are triangular and "pizza" shaped rather than knobbly like the originals:

cheese tomato

Taste-wise, they were okay. The flavour wasn't very strong, they just had a mild herby tomato flavour, with more emphasis on the herbs. They were quite boring to be honest and I didn't bother finishing the bag. They just didn't taste rich or exciting enough.

Overall, if you're a fan of Cheetos these might be worth a one-off try, but they are nothing compared to the originals so you have been warned!

Cheetos Arcticos:

polish limited edition cheese ketchup

This Limited Edition "Arcticos" varient was much better. It has a picture of cheese and tomato ketchup on a bread bun on it, so presumably the flavour is meant to be cheese and ketchup. I couldn't tell as there was no English writing on the pack.

cheese and ketchup limited edition

The flavour was very rich and full on, with a spicy tomato tang. They were much crunchier in texture than the Pizerrini variety, and tasted very addictive. I soon munched through most of the bag. Like the Pizzerini though, these aren't really "proper" Cheetos as they have a completely different shape; they're practically a completely different crisp. They're tasty though and if you happen to see them I would recommend giving them a try.

Overall, these Polish Cheetos varients make a nice change from the norm, but I think they would be better if they had kept the characteristic Cheetos knobbly shape and texture.


  1. Thanks for the mention Kev! I've actually got the Pizzerini in the cupboard to try. I'll have to look out for the Articos too, they look very tasty :)

  2. These sound nice. I know this is really shocking but I have never tried Cheetos in any form! I need to sort that out don't I?!

  3. I know it's weird but the taste of the second one is "ham toast" :) Cheetos are not bad, but I prefer ketchup flavour, it's definitely the best


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