Waitrose 1 Dark Chocolate with Raspberry & Blackberry

waitrose 1 dark chocolate with raspberry and blackberry

I reviewed the new White Chocolate & Matcha Green Tea & Pistachio bar from Waitrose's "Waitrose 1" range a while ago, and I really enjoyed it, but it seems my local Waitrose have stopped selling it to make way for this bar instead...Dark Chocolate with Raspberry and Blackberry. I thought I'd pick it up since I'm a big fan of fruity chocolates, and it's quite rare to find a good quality dark chocolate with fruit added.

This bar cost £1.60 for 85g, is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans since it's dairy free, and contains 65% cocoa solids. It's made by an Italian chocolatier for Waitrose using selected fair trade cocoa beans.

waitrose 1 dark chocolate with raspberry and blackberry

The bar contains freeze dried blackberry pieces at 2.5% and freeze dried raspberry pieces at 2%, which may sound like a small amount but they're actually quite plentiful...see the above pic!

waitrose 1 dark chocolate

There's cocoa bean symbols on each square of chocolate, which I think is a nice touch. The bar smelled very fruity indeed, both from the chocolate aroma and the added fruit.

waitrose 1 chocolate

And fruity it tasted! The tart blackberry and raspberry flavours are very powerful, adding a lovely tang to the rich dark chocolate, which also tasted fruity itself. I was impressed by how flavoursome it actually was, I wouldn't expect a supermarket brand chocolate to carry such flavours but it was actually nicer than the likes of Lindt's dark chocolate. The bar is quite satisfying overall, you won't feel like eating it all at once.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this bar, it really surprised me. For a 65% cocoa chocolate I wasn't expecting much but it tasted better than a lot of higher percentage chocolates I've tried...the balance of sweetness, rich cocoa and fruit is just right.

8.5 out of 10. 


  1. Wow,this looks amazing! Raspberry I've seen in chocolate before but blackberry is really new. Like you say it's great to see a proper dark chocolate with a flavour twist. I have to say some of the waitrose own brand chocolate is really excellent. There is one with pistachio, almond and hazelnut. It's a milk chocolate but at 39% cocoa solids - if you love nuts it's amazing. Knocks Cadbury chopped nuts out of the water!

    1. Ah I think I've tried that one, it was very yummy indeed! I need to get that regular milk Choc one now..

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